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“Act of God”

“In legal usage in the English-speaking world, an act of God or damnum fatale (“loss arising from inevitable accident”) is a natural hazard outside human control, such as an earthquake or tsunami, which frees someone from the liability of what happens. An act of God may amount to an exception to liability in contracts (as under the Hague–Visby Rules), or it may be an “insured peril” in an insurance policy. In Scots law, the equivalent term is damnum fatale, while most Common law proper legal systems use the term act of God.”

Plane crashes in China with 132 people on board | USA TODAY

Concerns rise as Italy’s ‘supervolcano’ cause series of small earthquakes

Floods sink transport in Alexandria, Egypt 🇪🇬 November 22 2021 الإسكندرية‎ سيول مِصر

Flooding in Old Town, Alexandria

Alexandria residents dealing with flooding after Tuesday storm

Heavy rain flood streets in Alexandria

Video shows building collapse in Turkey as earthquake strikes

Dashcam footage captures moment fresh earthquake hits Turkey

Buildings collapse after Turkey earthquake

Turkey-Syria earthquake: Buildings crumble as deadly earthquakes hit

Deadly earthquake hits south-west China

Spectacular sandstorm in Saudi Arabia.

Pakistan floods: One third of country is under water

Pakistan floods: drone footage shows scale of destruction
The Mystery of Earthquake Lights! Why did the sky light up seconds before the earthquake in Turkey?

India train crash: Drone footage shows shocking scale of destruction as rescue mission ends

Huge wave shatters ferry window as Storm Ylenia batters Germany


“Hurricanes becoming so strong that new category needed, study says”

See what three degrees of global warming looks like

Most Powerful Forces on Earth: Lightning | Fatal Forecast | Free Documentary

Moscow concert hall shooting: dozens killed and at least 100 wounded in attack

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