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office timelapse 720p

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Even though it is clear that my conversation is between myself and criminals,

where I need needed to be transparent for my own personal safety

to continue my duty as a person of order designed for order

to protect a Planet of Order designed by Order of the Universe

to bring the Planet to a Planet of Order potential

with the help from the same person who brings Order to the People,

as humans are advanced biology who keep the Planet safe with correct training,

to help the Planet they are on, to help the Planet keep safe

This proves Planet with correct distance to create life needs a species like myself, a star in creation to work in unison with the Planet to keep not only myself safe, but the Planet I temporary walk the land

The Future of the Human Race

A star from the Universe in creation

Human form forms are complex design

With a Planet like Earth, human form and Planet battle for balance as the Human Mind has the potential to sustain Planet Health Longevity

or destruct the Planet due to a wrong brain neuron network function of the mind,

I am with Order of Everything, order of the Universe order of Earth order of the Planets, I bring Order to the Human Race until I say

I was ignored and created by the Universe in year 1988 and even more so year 2021 year 2022, a realisation myself I am connected to the Universe and so forth

This proves that we are going through a Behaviour vs vs. v.s. Planet challenge due to my presence in poverty in neglect

Legally life for myself and my bloodline heritage Order of Succession should be Upper-Class

I will continue with my work each day however I am connected to the Universe so forth and the Universe as it’s own intention to bring the Overall Health of the Universe far greater than your concern to a better frame of chemistry

Some people nag and want me to give up after a spoilt brat attitude from people Worldwide who mentally decide to keep want to contain a Governor in a weakened position

How I Govern they I predict is something different but tomorrow’s a new day, can you elaborate on that please

Illegal Govern has it’s own physics and so do I, potentially while I am in Neglect it’s interesting to see how I slide no how I manage through the gaps of Society with help from the Universe to keep myself safe and succeed one day, within my own right since a questionable time

Due to the weight of this situation, I thank you for your patience and some of you may or may not see my progression to what you perceive as God, a one and true truly man that outshines all men on this Planet due to presence

I am designed to live a very long time therefore longevity compared to adrenaline to see something has to be considered, it’s a very long journey it’s a very long time

With the UKGovernment leaving one to live their lives and myself also, the risks I present are relatable to myself being a lower value compared to another, thank you for your patience as my literature under Nature Writing is of a concern with behaviour towards another Worldwide in relation to risk towards myself

It is also clear that my presence since year 1988 in poverty especially year 2021 and year 2022 is a duty with the overall situation under contained within the sky’s above

I am relatable to risk and also never seen before Spacetime calculations, creating a stitch sequence, hard evidence that I am connected to Spacetime and relatable to hurdles that are relative to myself in neglect and the system I challenge

How the UKGovernment and other Governments ask to response is you are free public to live your lives you want, terrorist spat towards the situation knowing I am raising awareness of pollution Worldwide so they have a questionable equal best of both Worlds, ignoring the over-arching theme of Govern neglect

People are pro Govern have been all their lives and whinge that they can not can’t force stop and want demand a slow wind down of the previous Govern and pay more attention to an ex porn star gay one more specific

“You’ll have your time one day”

They are guilty of using someone in neglect for a Government campaign as per, finding a questionable balance row history timeline row while we pay tax then some attention seeking law case in the future, knowing aneiufbiubfi;asdbviudf;ij ASBfi;jadsb I have lost time since year 1988. Anyway they forget I am connected to the Universe and the situation is rather may let’s say a bigger issue of Behaviour versus Planet, to clear any behaviour in the Universe that is a risk to the Universe due to Natural Causes, due to Natural Causes cause and effect of the Universe, with myself in Neglect, relative knowing f*ck all people are forcing this person respectfully to Govern the World Ben it’s over, yes i know, I am doing something More IQ than you Police Woman because I am a star and you’ll never be, anyway firstly people where doing f*ck all to force this person to Govern in his own right due to a list of Passion of Crime Crime of Passion reasons. Recently thank you to my observations in the public, I brought attention to the physics of the Earth and how Routine Physics causes Risk, Destruction to the Planet. They tried to upper hand and owned that “It’s Over” and became sex addicts supporting and holding an Act of Paedophilia criminal offence

They and I now Observe that I am connected to the Universe with purpose relatable to Behaviour versus Planet relatable to Neglect Anomaly Neglect as this is not relative to true law Order of Succession, please do not legally compare yourself to me, you are not connected to the Universe the Planet like I am.

Due to your questionable hormonal behaviour to this, you do nothing, that is the problem.

Question and imagine the population on the other side who do not run to my whistle but are completely different to your sewage behaviour

“Ben it’s Over” is a questionable approach to myself to yourself knowing opportunity the same women in the Police said

Knowing their’s still an opportunity is the reason for my approach without a questionable artistic presentation of “It’s Over” sensed all under Benjamin Houghton Passport Number 133473179

My approach is written to reduce risk to reduce risky behaviour to those whom sense are a risk to myself whom is physics science Planet Universe Communicator Communication for the halfway half way hurdle from the start of the Universe to a questionable end of this Universe…

In time, World government

World government is the concept of a single political authority with jurisdiction over all of Earth and humanity. It is conceived in a variety of forms, from tyrannical to democratic, which reflects its wide array of proponents and detractors.[1]

A world government with executive, legislative, and judicial functions and an administrative apparatus has never existed. The inception of the United Nations (UN) in the mid-20th century remains the closest approximation to a world government, as it is by far the largest and most powerful international institution.[2] The UN is mostly limited to an advisory role, with the stated purpose of fostering cooperation between existing national governments, rather than exerting authority over them. Nevertheless, the organization is commonly viewed as either a model for, or preliminary step towards, a global government.[3][4]

The concept of universal governance has existed since antiquity and been the subject of discussion, debate, and even advocacy by some kings, philosophers, religious leaders, and secular humanists.[1] Some of these have discussed it as a natural and inevitable outcome of human social evolution, and interest in it has coincided with the trends of globalization.[5] Opponents of world government, who come from a broad political spectrum, view the concept as a tool for violent totalitarianism, unfeasible, or simply unnecessary,[1][6][7] and in the case of some sectors of fundamentalist Christianity, as a vehicle for the Antichrist to bring about the end-times.

Pre-industrialized philosophy


World government was an aspiration of ancient rulers as early as the Bronze Age (3300 to 1200 BCE); ancient Egyptian kings aimed to rule “All That the Sun Encircles”, Mesopotamian kings “All from the Sunrise to the Sunset”, and ancient Chinese and Japanese emperors “All under Heaven”.

The Chinese had a particularly well-developed notion of world government in the form of Great Unity, or Da Yitong (大同), a historical model for a united and just society bound by moral virtue and principles of good governance. The Han dynasty, which successfully united much of China for over four centuries, evidently aspired to this vision by erecting an Altar of the Great Unity in 113 BCE.[11]

Contemporaneously, the ancient Greek historian Polybius described Roman rule over much of the known world at the time as a “marvelous” achievement worthy of consideration by future historians.[12] The Pax Romana, a roughly two-century period of stable Roman hegemony across three continents, reflected the positive aspirations of a world government, as it was deemed to have brought prosperity and security to what was once a politically and culturally fractious region. The Adamites were a Christian sect who desired to organize an early form of world government.[13]

Literature is written to challenge aspects of Governments Worldwide, cause and effect public life public living, approaching risks of concern first and potentially rooting back to the problem through literature

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