What’s “Hell”?Legally

Hell is personal feelings towards something and it doesn’t shift

To help remove the allure of We’re Going to Hell.

The Criminal Minds of these people, causing extreme psychiatric abuse to another, what’s their intention? We’re going to Hell/I’m going to Hell.

I’m going to Hell never said due to feeling honestly scared on their own, but cause psychiatric abuse on their own but you always here opinion, “We’re going to Hell.” Who’s We?

Who committed the crime?

The people who wanted me to go to Prison wishful thinking after showcasing my one of a kind ability wanted to go to Hell upper hand over “Heaven”.

“Send him to prison” we are going to Hell. He is on earth anyway. Yep not right can you please explain. Letting “Hell” win by sending “Heaven” anomaly to prison ignoring the consequences for the future of our only God never seen before having an unlawful criminal record that effects the whole population for the eternity of Earth. Even towards the our only King of the Planet, never seen before.

Upper hand allure to destroy psychiatric destroy Heaven Anomly on Earth when “Hell” is technically meant to be less than. What is Hell? Legally? There’s a problem with people allure We’re going to Hell! Able to cause psychiatric destruction and go to “Hell”. All their psychiatric arguments fail for the future of Earth.

That Police Officer allure We Are Going to Hell. It’s Foolish.

To sell myself out of prison since the year 1988/May/03… is this fair… by human rights and ethics.

Thanks to Ben, Police officers want to go to prison to say thank you, knowing he has been selling himself to get out of prison since the year 1988.

Who committed the crime?

You still want to assassinate Ben, Classified law? Wasn’t his fault and the root of the problem is the Holy See.

Why’s no one blaming the Holy See.