To the men of the Roman Catholic nature,

  1. To the men of the Roman Catholic nurture,
  1. UKGOVERNMENT and all Governments are guilty of Sycophancy/Brown Nosing before a law case knowing they are have been illegal for a questionable amount of years, to hand over to say, the public is ready, we are ready to hand everything over, an evil vindictive abuse of authority since a questionable time. There is a way of bringing back way of living that isn’t questionable boring, in other words a way I can Govern manage myself, such as letting everyone do Sex Work if they wish how ever they want, as they fail to allow people to do Sex Work and maintain safety of the public.
    • ‘Cuckooing’: Calls for government to introduce new criminal offence
    • Former Tory party leader Sir Iain Duncan Smith has called for “cuckooing” to be made a criminal offence.
    • Cuckooing is the term used when someone’s house is taken over for criminal activity, including dealing drugs or carrying out sex work.
  2. I do bring everything back but not in people’s lifetime, it’s just freedom!