This is legal statement by myself Benjamin Houghton

  1. This is legal statement by myself Benjamin Houghton,

This is legal statement by myself Benjamin Houghton:

  1. This is legal statement by myself Benjamin Houghton, shock as we know is under official psychiatry guidelines apart aspart as-part as part of the public health Worldwide, this is a threat to all mankind, Earth shock is new but the same as what we know, of shock. Please remain calm and relax and rest independently and seek medical advice is you desire.
  1. It has been a pleasure to be alive to be around your handsome God face
    • Compared to all mankind
    • Managed illegally without consent from child abusers hosted mi5 and police force all hail gods of police uk gods of mi5
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    • 2000 years of illegal govern brain neuron pathway population needs to be challenged and deceased