The Worthy Anomaly Boundaries

  1. Chosen Anomaly bound by Earth’s Magnetic Field, World Magnetic Model, a Bas Effect that structures our Environment by Magnetism, Atom creating Ionisation from the start of everything, the Start of Our Universe, creating bricks to create homes with grass outside

Even the grass glows with Bas Effect

The Universe: A History.

From before the Big Bang to the galaxies, stars, planets, and life present in our modern day Universe.
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The UK leaving Chosen Anomaly in Neglect, a battle against supporting evidence of existence, a battle of stubborn stubbornness at the authority top of UK rule, they are labelled fools, battling the theory of everything, that which brought them to this place, that which brought them to existence; they are labelled fools. They go to a really dark place, eternity, as they disagree with the proven theory of everything, to favour their stubborn attitude against Earth, against the Universe, against Atom, against Ionization

How Atom with Ionization, has natural tactics for survival, creating silhouettes on Earth for the Anomaly to showcase via his hands, a one a kind ability to prove to the people of the Planet that he is Connected to the Planet, by the Anomaly taking photographs obeyed by Atom, obeyed by ionization, obeyed by force, from the theory of the start of the Universe, from the force creating The Future Expansion of the Universe. The silhouettes that connected himself, the Anomaly to the Planet are the same visually, proving that the silhouettes created by force, are relative to create a feeling for the people of the Planet.

How Atom with Ionization, with the force from the start of the Universe, a naturally created pull push around atom, a group of atom creates Gravity thus a pull push force around atoms bound together through Law of Attraction; a greater force with pull push physics bring the Universe together to what we know of, e.g. Earth is bound by the gravity of The Sun, a pull that creates an Orbit, due to the

Did you know this is still to this day, unclear to scientists

How we rotate around the Sun due to Gravity, a Gravitational Force and not just stay still stay stationary

From the start of everything, a force creates Atom and then Ionization, then a group of Atoms create a reason to create a ball of gas, we call of star, to create light for our eyes to see, due to how light bounces from atom into in to our eyes for us to understand sense of everything, to survive as individuals

Earth Orbit

So the Sun rotates “right, ok”