The Story Legal Story Of Home.: {Where You’ll Be Arriving Per Generation With Me Alive & Well.:

  1. The Story Legal Story Of Home.: {Where You’ll Be Arriving Per Generation With Me Alive & Well.:

Born Set Up For Forensic Science Forensic Criminology, Favouring Criminals Not The Innocent Person. Against The Law, As Containing An Innocent Person For Further Punishment, Framing an Innocent Person From Birth For Further Punishment.

Lawyers for The Government can’t stop 1. Set Up.

to trick someone in order to make them do something, or in order to make them seem guilty of something that they have not done.

people are trying to trick Earth consistently for 36 years, without a break, without a change of behaviour, without breaking off and going for a break and doing something else thinking of something else speaking of something else.

Obersvation of Justice System in the UK, behaviour of people, personality of people.

  1. Setting up to fail

Setting up to fail” is a phrase denoting a no-win situation designed in such a way that the person in the situation cannot succeed at the task which they have been assigned. It is considered a form of workplace bullying.[1]

There are also situations in which an organization or project is set up to fail,[2][3] and where individuals set themselves up to fail.[4]

The first known documented use of “set up to fail” was in 1969 in the United States.[5]

In the workplace

Setting up to fail is a well-established workplace bullying tactic.[6][7][8] One technique is to overload with work, while denying the victim the authority to handle it and over-interfering;[9] another is the withholding of the information necessary to succeed.[10]

If a person puts another individual (usually a subordinate) in a stressful situation in which failure is almost certain, this may be an aspect of bullying wherein the outcome can then be used to discredit and blame the victim.[11] Sometimes, this may involve the bully covertly sabotaging and undermining an objective that may have otherwise been achievable. This type of bullying may be the result of the projection of the bully’s own feelings of inadequacy onto the victim.[12]

There can be cases where an employee is set up to fail because the stated goals of the task are considered harmful to the organization; an internal investigation is one example. Institutions may protect themselves by “going through the motions” of a sham investigation in which the findings conveniently fail to find any evidence of wrongdoing by the authorities involved with setting up the investigation.

Another case where employees are set up to fail is one in which new employees, or redundant employees, are considered harmful or a threat to other employees, resulting in their efforts to sabotage others work to maintain their positions if a future reduction in force is anticipated.

set someone up

set (someone or something) up

1. To deceive someone so that they do or fall victim to something.A: “The doors are all locked and the police are outside!” B: “That no-good liar set us up!”There have been reports recently of scam artists trying to set customers up so that they divulge their bank account details over the phone.

2. To make it look like someone is guilty of some crime or wrongdoing; to frame someone.Those drugs aren’t mine—someone is setting me up!

3. To give someone the financial capital needed to start or maintain a business.If my father-in-law hadn’t set me up, I never would have been able to own my own store.

4. To elect someone to or establish someone in a position of power, authority, or influence.They set him up as their party’s presidential candidate.I think my bosses want to set me up as the new general manager.

5. To provide someone with adequate nourishment.The B&B provides a generous breakfast that will set you up for the rest of the day.

6. To build or assemble something.I bought everything I need for the doghouse, I just need to find the time to set it up.I bought a slide for my son’s birthday, not realizing it would take me two hours to set the darn thing up.

7. To make something ready to use.We bought a new TV. John’s just setting it up now.My daughter’s coming over to set up the new computer for me.

8. To create, establish, or found something.The president is setting up a task force to look into ways of reducing the national debt.Can you believe he set the charity up when he was just 15?

  1. Who Officially declared “It Was Over.” Legal Statement. Just Word of Mouth, From Whom. Spreading such Phrase around,

Q When A Person in the Public Is In Need, When You See Someone Bullied, For Such A Length Of Time, Question Duty Of Adult, Adult to Adult Care Consideration Towards Another.

  1. 11th June 2024.

  1. Blame, Yourself, Coward.

Officially, A Legal Statement by Myself and the UKGovernment in Legal Partnership with the Police Worldwide, no-one goes to Jail Prison or a variation containment to serve punishment, including myself alive and well.

  1. Officially, A Legal Statement by Myself and the UKGovernment in Legal Partnership with the Police Worldwide, no-one goes to Jail Prison or a variation containment to serve punishment, including myself alive and well.

A Learning Curve.

  1. A Learning Curve.

A Chance An Opportunity for myself to react to risks based on responsibility compared with feeling, an ability given to myself without choice, to help not only myself, but another.

  1. A Chance An Opportunity for myself to react to risks based on responsibility compared with feeling, an ability given to myself without choice, to help not only myself, but another.

To Help Another, To Help Find Balance.

  1. To Help Another, To Help Find Balance.

Find Peace Within Yourself,

  1. Find Peace Within Yourself, after a observational past.

What does the Universe offer under the Correct Govern Communication?, Stability of a Planet.

What does the Universe offer under the Correct Govern Communication?, Stability of a Planet.

  1. What does the Universe offer under the Correct Govern Communication?, Stability of a Planet.

Desert Power – A Dramatic Ambient Musical Saga – Inspired By the Movie DUNE [Vocals By Syberlilly],

Sands of Arrakis – An EPIC Ambient Music Journey – Inspired By The Movie DUNE [Vocals By Syberlilly],

BEN Can you put 5. What Happens Now Folder Under Here 1. That’s An Order.


11 June 2024, 23:21 All Public Around, Have The Authority To Dictate An Order.

I may need a walking stick as in Neglect, Universe Human in Neglect, But Zero Won’t Apply For Disability Act.

  1. From Documented Injury Lawyers For U, They stated Evidence on Email “We can’t take the UKGOVERMENT to Court”. Case Closed for now, proving I am naturally legally greater than, more powerful than, more elegant than, the UKGOVERNMENT, and they still after case temporarily closed, created tested 1. Foul Play putting my and the Planet in danger end of life danger.




1. Chosen,, 2. 1988,

3. 2021,

4, 2022,

Tonga volcano: ash, smoke and lightning seen before eruption that caused tsunami,


1. Chosen,, 2. 1988,



“Poverty will never happened again by not my choice by the people who put me in poverty to honour their mistake for the greater good, a criminal offence as not listening to law greatest level, poverty continues for eternity, even on earth, even all around as time goes on.”

Public first not ben when he’s out of poverty one day, everyone forced to enjoy with him as “God’s People” apparently not putting my psychiatry first, not thinking of the victims situation.

They are waiting for “God’s People” over time putting them first who will honour myself alive and well against my consent.

I have legally missing time since year 1988 by court of law therefore how I govern as Benjamin Houghton will be in the future alive and well.



Family tree,


English criminal law,

UK Govt logo

God “God” Is a Holy See reference also used worldwide on conspiracy wording and non-scientific proven evidence, therefore science and law proves I am called Benjamin Houghton, God is used now and again by people and their personal psychiatry.
  1. Overpowering Criminals in Mi attached to the UK Government and Police want extreme criminal behaviour to win eternity on Earth with myself alive and well to teach our future world population from thugs never to neglect benjamin houghton earth a planet ever again letting crime win letting criminals win.
    • These criminals are proud criminals proiuud criminal behaviour and want eternal impact.




  1. 6 months to contact future Chosen, a criminal offence that has been committed

Therefore Chosen has lived forced Neglect,

Therefore Chosen has lived forced Poverty,

Therefore Chosen has lived forced Survival,

Therefore Chosen has lived forced Survival Techniques,

  1. 36 years of, and an opportunity after “Second Coming” relative to technology on Earth to test bullying abusive mind control to favour pedo network using such technology, for no way out without consent testing on myself Earth on why human robots are not the plan by physically and mentally abusing myself daily on my own,
  2. I never gave legally consent to test and they are doing it carefully to favour population not Earth, on my after vindictive behaviour why public should left alone naturally and not controlled naturally,
  3. This is quite dangerous on letting ben win compensation for this, not letting crime win.
  1. They are also testing illegally the future of humans and staying alive for themselves, with myself Earth, ignoring a death sentence for putting Earth in neglect by humans since year 1988.
    • Pushing me into in to forced survival mode as I struggle to find justice for simple evidence.

  1. containment criminals want never neglect this person ever again,

(Proud Fritzl Psychiatry Behaviour) 1. From a Guilty Conscious.

  1. Guilty of forcing an extreme story for everyone to force surrender, breaks the law.
  1. Guilty of mind control by zero consent using interesting technology on earth, living a alpha porn lifestyle away from public view and forcing me to type about their his experience why he’s so great, then forcing the same myself without medical care to do porn by zero reply from physical efforts to contact people, to illegally watch earth do porn against ethics against my personal wishes, by force myself my body without consent into in to a physical appearance I never asked for.
  1. With this evidence they are guilty of pushing someone who can’t defend for himself on purpose into in to illegal experimentation robot bodybuilder and also criminally hinting to the public against my wishes that out of neglect passing medical observation I’ll be 5ft 7 underweight again and everyone around mealiveandwell does porn and bodybuilding, belittling myself once again.



to make a person or an action seem as if he, she or it is not important:

  1. It is clear from my careful response that the people responsible for neglect suffer from sex deprivation and sex addiction.

Taking a look at my public response, after 6 months mistake of lack of communication, they are guilty of forcing someone into in to a future world population against my wishes, so images of women, how I dress, how men should look, so legally this communication in the future is put aside to set the public free, but legally all this information including images away from earth images are how criminal minds work 1. a response to showcase how criminal minds work.

The problem is they’ve abused a name to abuse the minds of the public. The public thought his response is high sex, swaying from all shapes and sizes ethics. 1. Swaying from all shapes and sizes ethics.

My neglect response makes criminals happy so far, so theoretically legally it is how criminals thoughts work.

Abusing someone in neglect to force a response without his wishes to live their lives first and dictate to the world population the world they want not the world I want, from police many worldwide who think they are world leaders, ignoring my wishes first.

All this is moved on in time, but potentially left online to announce the psychiatry of people who own neglect and their psychiatry their thoughts their wishes their demands their dictatorship their protest their threat to the world holding someone hostage what they want in return fro holding someone hostage,

The police demand bodybuilders, porn, lingerie heavy tits heavy breasts me looking blue material Persian everywhere, all men looking bigger than belittling me breaking all shapes and sizes ethics,

They believe they have been to heaven or think they are heaven chosen and this is the heaven on earth they demand not what earth wants in person

After a violent abuse hostage situation, it’s a set up to get the right government in office, all planned and set up by too dominant adults

A Worldwide Network that promotes neglect to Earth in person The Universe in person, a change in perception to see law Govern Worldwide, “They can’t see Ben Governing.”. It’s the Law.

The Earth in Neglect is one perception that isn’t true to law,

The Earth out of Neglect is one perception that is true to law,

  1. It’s unfair to make predictions wishful thinking based on failed psychiatry, mental health awareness, lack of understanding of lawabc, based on guilty conscious owning neglect, a criminal offence.

  1. A Universe We Are Going Through A Universe Perception Change From The Root Cause 6 month decision to Contact Benjamin Hodgson Benjamin Houghton, a 1. Root Cause Analysis, of the problem, affecting effecting all people Worldwide.

Hard Blame towards this situation since year 1988 3rd May 1988.

Before if not after I sent Counterterrorism communication via email with a concern of my situation compared to our public Government controllers, some police dear I say, knew me, but didn’t personally know me, came on to the operation put me on the side and observed the opposition, I can legally say. Recently they became these people in the Police Force with professionalism as they know I would pick up on public-enforcement risks,

  1. Due to naturally being connected to Earth’s Magnetic Model by biology. Battling testing with man made technology the public Government controllers hold physically.

13th June 2024

Children of the Sun – Wild Bees,
12th June 2024
  1. I keep the Planet as chosen by the Planet and I usually have a Number Two alive and well who I deliberately find out they are unattractive.
  2. They technically legally run the Planet with complex Law.

12th June 2024
  1. I, Earth Can Work With Any Government Party As Long As They Know Law Throughout.


  1. the ability of something to limit someone’s freedom very much:,

12th June 2024

Rocking chair

rocking chair or rocker is a type of chair with two curved bands (also known as rockers) attached to the bottom of the legs, connecting the legs on each side to each other. The rockers contact the floor at only two points, giving the occupant the ability to rock back and forth by shifting their weight or pushing lightly with their feet.[1][2] Rocking chairs are most commonly made of wood. Some rocking chairs can fold.;
11th June 2024

1. Due from my neglect bravery by criminals who are meant to be low class, I shall give a true story of phillopino prison sentencing and due to weight of work and Forensic Evidence to compare, they will be no evidence to prove 

Erm sorted. 

Set free apparently, them first not earth.

“Easy now Ben their criminals we know we get it.” 

If you reread, its pure law justification.

11th June 2024

1. The true story of where home was and will be until not sure, see you all with me alive and well for a very long time. 

1. Actual evidence 

2. Actual images drawings etc 

3. Stories true stories 


To prove physically physics first.

11th June 2024

Police Forget in 2021 2022 2023 I emailed counterterrorism UK if not all

Also terrorism regulators worldwide 

Also EU police force worldwide 

They want me to state about an addiction to contain suicide children while they do announcements to the public such as media TV shows TV shows government podium announcements etc for bravery 

A very Coward guilty crime uk spreading worldwide. Need depression fix consistently set up put of crime but frame me for prison consistently abusing my ability earth and the universe and mountains of intentionally ignored Forensic Evidence to put their criminal offence first 

They want me to phone 999. 11th June 2024.


A threatening police force to an innocent victim putting their authority over others. 

They wanted me to talk about it, I went for a walk and I felt threatened by prison again. Now threatening celebrities and others that it has been declared. 

In all due respect please move your attention away from this person and focus on the extreme crime. 

Always easier to frame a member of the public one member of the public a low class member of the public a member of the public in poverty. 

11th June 2024

1. Stolen time keeps going a miss from thought 

1.a. For scientists to record what would have ballened Second Coming if the law was obeyed.

11th June 2024


12th June 2024
  1. I, Earth Can Work With Any Government Party As Long As They Know Law Throughout.

11th June 2024

Staring out people 

Through technology 

Vision patterns 

Military satellite 


Electronic devices camera 

   Our every day phones and computers webcams 

   Baby cams room 

   Dash cams 

Paranoid sczophrenia 

Just like Jimmy Saville in that video

Staring out Earth


10th June 2024

I’m teaching the World law and ethics 

And America want me to do porn 10th June 2024.

Without medical treatment 

Without medical treatment first.

10th June 2024

” they have needs “

Apparently if you hold stability of the Government you have to rape someone 

Who psychopathic containment of another.

They complain and shout out defence because its true dear the brain speaks for itself 



Banging doors stomping around 

Brain irritation from strict post-war parenting 

Mind abuse 

The child is not free and acts like a child later on in life usually after 40.

10th June 2024

BBC and guardian guilty of persuasion to communicate my communication to the public encouraging belittled behaviour, ignoring benefits of someone greater than them

Typed as so for never court case to sign off end set up that I’m earth for Jesus white robe thor outfit green grass behind my head celebration worldwide 

Set up law case thinking they are greater than law to sway UK crime 

So yeah 

BBC and guardian guilty of persuasion to communicate earth communication to the public in weaker format encouraging belittled behaviour Making earth in person belittled to the public, making my overall job harder such as pollution levels overall for overall health of the planet the atmosphere of earth, 

Making my job harder to combat waste 

Making my job harder to combat car pollution for everyone else who pays attention

Making my job harder to help clean up all oceans and combat deforestation 

For animals ecosystem and for anyone else who pays attention due to oxygen levels 

BBC guilty swaying law 

Too powerful 

Their power is reduced over time by the public not myself 

10th June 2024

Governments ads guilty of not using intell computer systems and taking notes memory pen form 

10th June 2024

Ukgov is guilty of squaring up go Hell.Heaven as they are particular and don’t want to go to Hell. But they go anyway. And responsible for 100000000 billions of people. Going also without their consent.

So Specific this.


So Specific this. 

Posh elegance.




I don’t go near the Government face to face. Too dangerous on my own. Leave public to sort personally.

10th June 2024

Next I want to go into in to GP. Local GP. 

High suicide risk.

They feel unstable.

They need managing.

10th June 2024

For example Kate Middleton or the pope or white house wouldn’t do a website like

Think royal think government.

Let’s stop there.

Not your fault, public.

Do you know what mi

  1. Take 5 mins of criminal observation.

10th June 2024

For our personal safety we have contained a legal King God Devil earth universe 


Hosted by pedos.

And fraud.

And using not separating from Christian names such as God Devil.

But we still don’t know what you are. 

Please move away from us. Take a step to the side. We are legally sick people.

  1. Ben’s not crime lol. He’s fully legal lol lol lol lol lol.
  2. For our personal safety.
  3. But true law is safe lol lol lol lol lol.
  4. Agree. 
  5. I’m still in Poverty.
  6. The sickest population ever.

Ben has the law he can be anything he wants to be. 1. The power of ethics.

10th June 2024
  1. We want to see you on stage one day Ben. 

The Devil.


Watch “Lab 4 – Requiem (Metatron Hard Mix)” on YouTube

So what do I do on Stage.

  1. So what do I do on Stage.

10th June 2024

Do you know Ben you’re more than a King to us. 

You make us feel safe.

1. You make us feel safe.

10th June 2024

I’m moving on from Mincraft. 

What Next. 

I know I know are you squaring up to earth again UK intelligence police. 10th June 2024.

The weight of earth compared to the weight of a person.

The weight of a Planet compared to the weight of one person.

The weight of The Sun compared to the weight of one person, in the sky silly.

Everyone is gagging for someone to kill me. 

How about everyone is gagging to kill you instead. 

Ben’s work would have been confiscated and he would have been compound contained by now. 

You are all under observation and arrest.

  1. I can’t stop thinking about him.
  1. I can’t stop thinking about him.

A legal King is contained over 493 years public say don’t want monarchy not their choice as I would have had order as against monarchy not the public. They don’t have a choice as we rule the land we dictate the land we rule people we tell you what to do. Safety of the land. Fraud versus Legal Monarchy.

  1. A legal King is contained over 493 years public say don’t want monarchy not their choice as I would have had order as against monarchy not the public. They don’t have a choice as we rule the land we dictate the land we rule people we tell you what to do. Safety of the land. Fraud versus Legal Monarchy.

10th June 2024

If you were testing God on the elements in heaven.

Do you not think God senses evil.

You are all evil. This is extreme hell. I’m still in Poverty the owner of the Universe.

  1. Extreme Evil.

I’m the owner of the Universe and Earth and still on Poverty. Sat stood their depressed.

  1. Who are you. 

Heavy isn’t it. 

The Universe. 

Feeling threatened? 

Stood their standing your ground abusive psychiatry. Tell me about it.

Mass destruction of all human beings. Just who. 1. Extreme evil. Make the right choice says police touché, extreme crime running our population saving their embarrassment sorry they said faggot embarrassment 

Extreme depression Nag 

  1. The Universe is heavy isn’t it.

This is new, people stand their clueless. 

Who’s the solver with you lot. 

  1. Why did earth and the universe bring me here.

10th June, police, we can work respond to fraud but we can’t respond to a real King. 

Set up out of neglect they are oversexed and got the pedo system cash where they want it. 

Some public celebration want me to move on with alive and well and find peace they say, earth and the universe, what’s the problem. I alive and well will continue to find set up communication to favour another not myself breaking ethics constantly as they are too obsessed with this pretty beautiful face.

  1. What Devil progression. After all that. I could never. What the devil. What the extreme devil. THE. After all that. I could never. 

9th June 2024

Emma is extreme prison.

9th June 2024

How many children they’ve slayed and put into articulation.

Is wild to me.


1.They are extreme criminals.

  1. We are ran by criminals.

People who pass going to prison.

  1. People who pass going to prison.

9th June 2024

6 forces. 

Sphere with axis in the middle. 

Apples Oranges predictions risks 

Air resistance outside 

Containment. Force or the 6th.

9th June 2024

428 is number of Earths. Just one and two in One Black Hole. 

428 is a black holes’ 360.

Forever and always alive. Be.

9th June 2024, 17:00 I paid for annual subscription for my website. Due.

9th June 2024

The criminal ignorance to the crime is wild to me.

  1. Members of The British Royal Family.

9th June 2024

So Containing someone in theory you are putting someone to be trained by you. Otherwise. Not once have you listened to your talent. In 36 years.

In 36 years I have asked few times please listen to me once or twice and you haven’t taken notice. Breaking hostage law rules legally today. 

Friztl listened to his daughter many times.

Kate Middleton is a posh criminal. They enjoy containment being high-class makes them feel worthy elegant posh. Apparently new royal family to help her behaviour on the red carpet. Containing someone earth in person, made her feel complete. She needs to be burnt. All of them. Containing a Planet in person and not listening to the planet in person thinking you are training that person to be contained weaker to force pressure my their emotions under claustrophobia, a psychopathic technique to get behaviour force behaviour of out someone who has no choice to change that person your way, and listen to that person as you have and or you have the upmost personality of all worldwide. After 36 years your training has failed, explain why you have contained benjamin houghton 

Because you are not listening to your work, you are not listening to your product.

1. Tell the world why.

You are Containing a Planet in person. Shouldn’t it be the other way around. 

You think you are greater than an actual planet or universe in person. 

Ben never consented to fake illegal posh crap said by Kate Middleton from Queen Elizabeth it’s crap its criminal tactics its sewage.

New understanding posh articulation from Queen Elizabeth II its all deflection.

Criminal deflection the way they speak.

Low class 493 years apparently to contain to learn manners from criminals. Deluded criminals and society.

Low class bloodline 493 years. I will talk mancunian Low iq and spit shit in your face. Chewing gum. They are panicking now. I hardly chew gum.

  1. Extreme hell.

Posh etiquette abuse to train a low class person 493 years bloodline in waiting.

  1. Extreme Hell.

Code Red ignore posh etiquette 9th June 2024. 

  1. Extreme Hell.

Apparently posh etiquette sways UK crime. 

  1. Extreme Hell.

9th June 2024

Nasa wanted the centre of a blackhole as that’s how we started Universe big bang from a Blackhole somewhere. 

As it bends light flat elements. 

Must be an image. As it created an element to by force bend the element into in to an image.

1. What was the image Ben.

Still, depending on worth here alone, takes over them. 

To risky to tell them exact elements. Common sense.

The theory is all their. 

I will continue to tell you the story the stories but too risky to tell you exact elements 

The theory is all their.

I will continue to tell you the story the stories but too risky to tell you exact elements 


Heavy. As I cover the elements will real life examples. 

“People are closing down”

As I step over with worth over time, they have broken the law and do not have the need in service anymore.

People are closing down leaving the buildings thinking they are closing down the building. Buildings 

  1. I see in-between step of the Devil, they are in a Daze and I use the same buildings with an in-between step.

9th June 2024

The Devil walks one and two.

If we walked one and two it would cause conflict. 

To The Devil, we look like we are in a Daze.

This carries on Now until 


So I put a flower in the air, usually a Rose. 

And then announce a partner. 

They shift their conscious.

To be ln-line with me alive and well of course. 

It’s C/nty heaven stuff. I have a rose in the air and they have to change their perception. Alone. 

For someone to send me information to process, I live to I live by processing thoughts to survive a perception an intention. To sway by another’s survival technique seperate to mine, seperate to my intention. My white grey matter doesn’t process the information as seperate to my vibration. Even the technology they use. 

Extreme Hell. I am living in extreme hell. From the chemical process of the black hole within, b wow ben Emma then mi6 Minecraft. To create a chemical reaction to today. 

Usually “Hell” is naturally seperate, they look at us in a Daze as “Hell” brings more “Hell” in, looking at us in a Daze. “Heaven” brings more in looking at “Hell” stepping out of sync from “Heaven” their own feet their own steps. 

I am in Extreme Hell. Just started. As white grey matter for 36 years was sync with people on Earth in Poverty. 

The same theory as speaker and audience. The speaker says something. The audience all together waits for the speaker to finish. The audience all together waits for the speaker to finish a sentence all at the same time. 

Proving they are all connected with white grey matter vibration. 

I am in Extreme Hell. As people are used Deflection. The sync as myself. But the vibration of myself the vibration of others has been the same, putting “Heaven” at risk. 

People who look “Heaven” had the same vibration as me in 1. Poverty putting “Heaven” at risk. Extreme Hell. Deflection. 

Technically I look like The Devil in Extreme Hell As per. Because I am extreme The Devil ultimate Devil that puts the environment at risk by chemical process out of my control. 

Chemical process creating containment out of my control putting the environment at risk, even though I own the Planet. 

Code Red. Psychosis Realisation. Extreme Hell.

I can only get out of Extreme Hell myself. As I speak the first word to second by law. As I speak the first word to the second person by law.

  1. This is Hell. Legal statement. Extreme Hell. Variation of Hell. Extreme Hell Variation of Hell.

The way I look puts the environment at risk. Extreme variation of the Devil.

The chemical process from the blackhole to earth today cause and effect of B wow ben Emma then Minecraft video created the system today on Earth. I’m out of first hand Heaven on Earth communication. 

The physical appearance and the system creates freedom for all while the Devil is in Poverty. Ultimate Devil behaviour lack of care letting the population run riat. To explain. Inside an environment letting the population run Rait. But the level of environment is at extreme level where we let the Devil be contained by the population run riat. Along with the risk to the environment with how the Devil looks. Extreme level. Just. The environment is still here. 

If I was little bit more good looking would the environment stay.

If I was little bit more ugly would the environment stay. 

Just a slither difference to save the environment. 

To white gray matter difference. To step over. To step over and make a line of communication one day. On my way to put a rose in the air to signal face to face that person to change their conscious next to me.

Extreme Hell, just. For extreme God,

Extreme God. To hold this weight. 

The green hills the blue sea is under Hell. Deflection along with the containment that I have to change my vibration white gray matter separately and step over carefully making a one step of communication. 

Extreme psychotic.

The green hills and blue sea stay. 

The weight under God. 

Code Red.

People start to communicate that they’ve been on holiday whinging 

That I should have gone on holiday 

And they regret 

But it’s actually a trophy conscious 

9th June 2024.

It’s guilt speaking out loud but zero panic. 

Feeling good that they’ve been on holiday worldwide while I’ve been contained.

But you’ve been on holiday.


But you were never meant to be contained. 

What would your holidays should have been like. 

In time.

Extreme Hell. 

Some people think that building will be mine.


Extreme hell. 


Said slithery 1. Can you make it Extreme Heaven.

I have missing stolen time since year 1988 AD by law. 

  1. Extreme Hell.

Least you’ve got experience of extreme hell. “Least you’ve got experience of extreme hell.” Said by whom People on Earth obviously extreme gods of the Universe in people form proven by law in front of them they are extreme gods they are extreme Universe gods on paper in front of them.

  1. Extreme Hell.

Ignoring law they are criminals who own neglect as criminal offence.

They thought the gods were speaking to the public first managing me with no law to prove they are suitable with no law to prove they are capable 

They have zero paper in front of them

They have zero evidence in front of them

People think their appearance is suitable staying put. Muscle straight. 


Extreme Hell.

Everyone will go into in to a Daze. 

Extreme Hell.

Muscle, “Just that what you want from me.”

Extreme Hell.

Ignorance selfish and egoism.

Extreme Hell.

Something new.

  1. Extreme Hell.

Extreme Hell.

Get him ready to marry Jimmy Saville. 

Dark hair unethical.

Extreme paedophilia.

Extreme Hell.

9th June 2024

“It’s really vulger behaviour this making someone write about your behaviour”


Misunderstood by people.

Sending images and control to Ben through a laser to his white grey matter brain knowing his blood is magnetic.

Squaring up to the weight of earth. A dot compared to the size of a football pitch in weight.

A weight of a dot. A speck of a dot on a table in front of you. 

“Can you make him stop writing his notes please”


Read again.

We know. 

“Can you make him stop writing his notes please”

Why have we accepted that MI6 are allowed to control ben at this level without consent 

To control what he says 

Because they control us.

Do they make you write? No.

Ben get some help.

How if MI6 a guarded building control what Ben writes. 

MI6 VERSUS pedo. 

Mi6 mi6 mi6 mi6 MI6 Mi6

Don’t believe they are pedos 


Let’s keep trying 

No proof 

Fuck off 

Go away 

  1. Public need to surrender.

9th June 2024

Ben you’re The Universe In Person to protect the Universe. 

You have many days.

One day it’s gravity.

One day it’s magnetic field. Earth’s magnetic field.

One day it’s axis perception.

One day it’s black holes. 

One day it’s a star in human form. From the sky.

You’re combining yourself into a chemical structure that’s new.

9th June 2024

9th June 2024

Heaven is all around. We use perception ultimate to keep us safe. 

Our minds the mind of Heaven.

Creates the Multiverse map for us to live and for ben to live and touch things around room around the world

How many Multiverse Maps have you created with cicle dot image appearing randomly to create a blackhole.

The image we created image was the last one

It struck 12. 

  1. Whether that’s the Devil across the way or the Devil in God’s mind from all around, remains the question.

God has the devil inside. 

If we use for government property it wouldn’t be heaven. We don’t need to assign it to law we just are alive and whatever war is happening across the way just happens naturally to keep us happy.

Entity created Heaven creates Heaven and has to ultimate power of perception. 

   Creating Natural Disasters. 

While Ben takes over God’s mind and all around.

Heaven is the size of approx the size of the Multiverse diagram, real time, reverse. 

It looks different here. Ben’s future, same but different.

We own judgemental. Heaven. Yep.

X Y Z axis 

Apples Oranges Future 

We have an auto risk assessment a fourth axis 

Risk, ARIsk. For Ben. 

What’s the worst case scenario our perception we have to keep us ultimate. 

  • Dimensional 

X Y Z R 

We don’t see the R Axis. As done automatically. Through the 4-Axis 4 dimensional Axis. 

She’s not called Janice. She’s God’s Wife. Two in One, Mother of Benjamin Houghton.


8th June 2024

You didn’t mention colour theory.

What are you getting from through the centre of the black hole 

Colour from the other side, hadn’t warped in a particular way 

A colourful personality ongoing.

  1. A colourful personality ongoing.

Before you ask someone to explain everything can you explain what everything is.

I’ve become far greater than ever imagined. 

One on the clock, the black hole. 

  1. True Black
    1. A mixture of all the colours colors ever

8th June 2024


8th June 2024

The federal Bureua unit. Hacked into in to mi6 in the 80s and has threatened the UK since. The Ameria is Criminal. For paedophilia. For English penis. 

That is all..

America runs the World.


  1. Extreme Hell.

    • 12th June 2024 01:44.
      • Often Commonly Referred To Daydreaming.


Please return BPM Beat Per Minute of Heart Rate back to base level, your standard heart rate, and drink a glass of water.

8th June 2024

You’re a Thug Brn.

Go and make some Cash.

Extreme God.

8th June 2024



8th June 2024

1. I’m a Government Property.


I’m caged.

  1. Extreme Heaven.

  1. We use Extreme Hell As Government Protection

Watch “Mass Effect 3 LE – Tuchanka: City Ruins (Ambience & Exploration Themes)” on YouTube

Extreme Hell.

Trapped around a Blackhole. Entity.

8th June 2024

1. Why Ben All Men.

8th June 2024

1. Because you give the Women of the Policr a Reason ato Live.

8th June 2024

Do you Marry Dark-Hair Unethical.

Extreme Hell.

Q. What do you look like.

  1. Extreme Hell.

8th June 2024

1. My NMe Was Purple.

HE IS aSsigned. To the Benjamin Houghton’s Black Hole. 1. A Greater Effect.

Her in a robe and this mass effect music

Watch “Mass Effect 3 LE – Tuchanka: City Ruins (Ambience & Exploration Themes)” on YouTube

  1. It’s just a way of life.

8th June 2024

MI6 you have been a victim of Hate Crime. SAS. First thing we spotted when we were arecruit3d.


8th June 2024

The White space Space In-between Is The Black Hole.

8th June 2024

The Circle with Dot. THE symbol of Alll Time.

1. The Circle with Dot. THE symbol of Alll Time.


The Circle and Dot changed into an a and an I.

  1. The Circle and Dot changed into an a and an I.

It created a blackhole.

  1. It created a blackhole.
  1. Owned.


8th June 2024

Heaven is all around. We use perception ultimate to keep us safe. 

Our minds the mind of Heaven.

Creates the Multiverse map for us to live and for ben to live and touch things around room around the world

How many Multiverse Maps have you created with cicle dot image appearing randomly to create a blackhole.

The image we created image was the last one

It struck 12. 

  1. Whether that’s the Devil across the way or the Devil in God’s mind from all around, remains the question.

God has the devil inside. 

If we use for government property it wouldn’t be heaven. We don’t need to assign it to law we just are alive and whatever war is happening across the way just happens naturally to keep us happy.

Entity created Heaven creates Heaven and has to ultimate power of perception. 

   Creating Natural Disasters. 

While Ben takes over God’s mind and all around.

Heaven is the size of approx the size of the Multiverse diagram, real time, reverse. 

It looks different here. Ben’s future, same but different.

We own judgemental. Heaven. Yep.

X Y Z axis 

Apples Oranges Future 

We have an auto risk assessment a fourth axis 

Risk, ARIsk. For Ben. 

What’s the worst case scenario our perception we have to keep us ultimate. 

  • Dimensional 

X Y Z R 

We don’t see the R Axis. As done automatically. Through the 4-Axis 4 dimensional Axis. 

She’s not called Janice. She’s God’s Wife. Two in One, Mother of Benjamin Houghton.


8th June 2024

The Serpant is Here.

7th June 2024

A note to thr UK. A thug who committed a criminal offence is still a thug whom changed changes his tactics. 

They want heaven on earth. Silence.

Thugs criminals who think they are gods while god is in Neglect thinking they are chosen while God is in Neglect a duty not declared by myself to change the UK ready for myself. 

They suffer from mental psychopathic disorder.

Some row about god choosing heaven and earth people after Neglect. Officially. 

Bizarre thug behaviour in the UK. 

Pedos etc

Organised crime the old term lol organised crime changes 

Tax thieves etc 


All crime standard, we know, but ignore ownership daily for 36 years on going. Set up by criminal system the system to put innocent people under pressure in the public. To own neglect otherwise a criminal. To own neglect such as pressure no way out forced to overturn my neglect otherwise a criminal.

“I’m your fantasy I’m your enemy” earth 

Experiment done on good and bad while in the UK. 

Am I am going to give the UK a chance while I’m alive and well, they need to help me though. 


In person.

Apparently I need medical examination by earth in person people who have already passed their medical examination that they are earth a planet an actual planet in person, connected to universe perception per individual basis and connected to all gravity in the universe per individual basis and control the Earth’s magnetic field per individual basis. 

7th June 2024

The painting is too worth. To us. Only select people. Obviously himself in a particular way.

Essex “Well Done.”

“I’m your fantasy I’m your enemy.” Earth.

“I’m your fantasy I’m your enemy ” Universe

7th June 2024
  1. They are waiting for gateway theory in science while in Poverty and neglect proving my worth Since year 1988.

Before people go and see it. 

First time public demand information before they see the painting. A dominate perception per individual basis that causes risky behavuour all if not some go throughout time.

7th June 2024

1. Holy Ghost.

They tend to disappear.

Noting Ben’s situation perception versus perception.

7th June 2024

Apparently according to criminals including the pedo network Sacredness always lives for 2 seconds then dies. Ignoring that earth created myself naturally to keep the planet alive. 

Dangerous times today. 

Its because you’re in Neglect.


Who’s fault is it. 

The universes. No adult responsibility by criminals in the ukgovernment. 

They have adequate iq to decide if Jupiter explodes or not or the moon explodes or not or the sun explodes or not.

7th June 2024. Can you date that please its over. National press. We’re the worst. Yep. 

We’re the worst. Underrated statement. Mass destructors who enjoy feeling destructive.

One person’s potential to cause destruction with the system that stays would you believe. The people and perception changes. She’s so gorgeous in that dress new, working for National Crime Agency.

The UK naturally loves feeling destructive per individual basis. Compared to the World, ignorant to the World.

An older adult in enforcement loves feeling dangerous 15 mins of fame destructive dangerous assigned to depression. Wants to cause devastation for others and go into shock personally cleaning up after them.

7th June 2024

Code Red pessimism 

What another code Red pessimism.


The posh people are going into shock in the art shops 

Posh perception is changing.

7th June 2024
  1. Criminals in mi5 mi6 from Oxford under geology of Jesus 

Bloodline not geology of Jesus as conspiracy fact 

Today 2000 years of injustice imbalance of order fact

Dark hair unethical 

Criminal offence 

How long does this last for said criminals 

How long as it needs

Ignorance Earl of moray injustice still in Poverty 36 years on going from 493 years 

No rush 36 years to sort 

They are waiting unethically for appearance tattoos penis shape feet height Earth’s mannerisms to improve Earth’s politeness to improve Earth’s persona to improve Earth’s 

They are posh but a size.of a dot . Squaring up daily to the size of earth the weight of earth size of a football pitch compared 7th June 2024 ongoing since 1988AD.

7th June 2024

To put my face on money dark hair unethical said well done.

Wgsts the problem. 

  1. Everyone involved dar hair unethical will be gone and just be type describing previous perception.

7th June 2024

They thought with this perception change it would help criminals move round 

What do you think this is, a fair ground ride.

7th June 2024

A proven criminal is on our bank notes.

Money needs to stay for Vulnerable People.

1. A proven none criminal will on the bank notes.

7th June 2024

The Bible has taken over UK crime and geology of Jesus taken over UK crime 

As in ignoring crime abc123

What a great criminal 

Got one over on everyone 

I don’t apply for the BBC. 

Mi6 are guilty of doing data observations on poverty vs class they say using him as hourglass him first 

I don’t want him to start by run. 

Sarah vine 

“ The best thing ever 

“ The Greatest thing ever 

“ The biggest thing ever 

“ The most expensive thing 

“ The most numbers 

“ The most historical thing ever 

Does nothing for mental health.

I don’t let crime win I’m afraid. 

7th June 2024
  1. The Magpies. The Bird Of The Future.

Drugs’ Trade.

  1. The biggest Paedophile Network In The World. THE BBC.

Jimmy Saville was a family.

  1. Jimmy Saville was a family.

The News Desk.

During the fast growing of the BBC. He could stretch his head through the screen. Caught today. 20 years on.

Take it. I’ve seen some really dark stuff.

Paedophilia is a dirty game ben. 

  1. I need to kill you all. That was the Deal.

  1. Chinese do The Weather. In skirts.

  1. Magic. By.
    1. The Universe.

  1. The Biggest Challenge in Ethics Ever. I’ll be 5ft 7 and tattoos covered in tattoos.
  1. All Hail BBC Three.

7th June 2024

A Government election Once Every Four Years Would You Believe.

The Fury Within.

7th June 2024

1. I will retire very soon aa King Benjamin Houghton. 

That house. That Grand Design House.

  1. I look the same. Cause and effect Devil. Serpant with a Spider.
  1. What was the Government call Aratnephobia.

Name of Creator Land.

The most risky fear.

Aolut3 you Sir. Gun to my head. 1. Extreme Anti-Suicide.

American police holding a gun to a criminal. Stand Clear of I’ll shoot myself holding another Gun.

My men on the verge of not being good enough.

  1. Master of Physics.

7th June 2024
  1. Lying next to the mean main black hole. Now called Benjamin Houghton. Is Electricity. 

I don’t care if we’re going to fast.

  1. I don’t care if we’re going to fast.


Magician or The Magician may refer to:


7th June 2024

Me and God’s Girlfriend Are Olympic Champions. 

We are Married. ETERNITY.

  1. We are Bi. Bi threeway.


7th June 2024

One the left one the right.

7th June 2024

Looking away from the circle. Statue. What we do squire.

The BBC.

The future of the BBC.

The Circle.

It’s what we do Squire.

The Circle on TV theme tune The Circle News 24 theme song Versalife.

Today on The Circle.

“Today on The Circle.”

  1. Apply for a job Owner of The BBC.
  1. The Owners of The World. THE BBC.

The biggest terrorist organisation in the World. A threat to our human nature. A legal term.

Versalife. REPEAT.

Spice Girls, “He’s setting us up for a Story.” 

Presented by….


Versalife ™ Serpant. If you may.

Smoking a tobacco smoke. Run it. 

Smoking a tobacco smoke. Run it.

Smoking a tobacco smoke. Run it.

Smoking a tobacco smoke. Run it.

Who’s running this thing. The Universe.

The Circle would be sponsored by Deux Ex would you believe. The Gaming industry.

Soundtrack to all Channels. BBC TWO. BBC THREE. BBC FOUR.

In a Newcastle Accent.

Big Brother. The Circle.

Hang on. 


  1. I will rest as The Devil.

The Spirder Serpant. Was The Devil.

That was just Government Property.

  1. How many spit conscious. Eight.

Today on BBC THREE. We have performance by.


today on the Circle.

Today on the Circle. We’ll pass you over to BBC Three for a performance by Versalife.

  1. I will Hail Katie Price as Queen Governor. As she is blue line closest to myself.


Katie is different in real life. Thanks to her personal persona in Big Brother. She has been a victim of child abuse and abuse elsewhere growing up. She has secondary suffered the worst, than me. 

She has a double conscious. Secondary to mine. The strongest double take f you. Ever. She lives elsewhere and that place is a gold mine why.

She has personally Staged her car crashes.

She is the richest women in the World.


She owns part of the firm. 


She’s secondary to me. She has no choice. 

Extreme Gypsies.

Who’s presenting THE CIRClE. Gypsies. Tiera4chy to ME.

  1. The Saudi Gypsy Priate.
    1. A cause and effect of this Universe.

So yeah.

  1. Romanians will present.
  1. Bronc 1. will do BBC FOUR. Adult only pornography.
    1. 1. Bronx is King’s Country.
  1. BBC FOUR Theme Tune The Machine God. Stephen Port. The most disturbed man ever. 1. The most disturbed man ever.

Anyway that dark haired porn star gay hairy who is in prison for meeting a 15-year old on off Grindr. 

  1. Poor Man.

He was set up.

  1. Police.
  1. Why We Need Porn
  1. A symbol of the Universe.
  1. Dark-hair unethical copied this Guy.

He has no choice. He’s not a paedohile.

Do I touch him.

  1. Stand Clear.
  1. The Snake. The Serpant the Indians didn’t Worship. Kept Secret.

India is where Sumeria met Egypt and Egyptian is Secretly Egyptian. 

  1. Ceasarian went to India and met Iranian. They had sex. He was a cause and effect of my background. He was a monster. Kept top secret. Until now. Holy See downstairs. Ceasarian died from putation. I was crucified on the Cross. They kept my body downstairs ever since. 

You are all technically more monster than me. 

  1. You are technically more monster than me.

Slow change forward.

Ceasarian was female. Had children. Dispursed out over time. 

  1. The Almighty Devil. FIRE AROUND.

The Devil is God.


The devil inside and God on top. Old saying. Who’s inside legally. You.

Evil is heaven on Earth.

  1. Stand Clear China.
  1. The biggest Paedohile Network In The World.

Pussy Pussy.

  1. All of these girls would have been checked.
  1. I look Serpent. Eyes drawn back.
  1. By law Emma is fourth in line.
    1. She needs going down to the bone. Then one cell by one cell start again from the bone.


  1. Ben Brown was The Best Go Go Dancer.

  1. North Korea Copied Vietnam.

7th June 2024
  1. 42493

Number of universes you’ll manage.

He was paid £494.93 by Universal Credit.

Keep walking, Mary.

A special thank you to St. Mary’s in Manchester.

I need to react to a legal term. 1. Brain Dead.

Ben turned into a Spider and a Serpent.

The spider is a Symbol of The Universe.

The spider is officially a symbol of The Universe. 


My name is Versalife ™ Serpent. 

I do WebLaw.

t. Is the abbreviation of trademark. Trade and Mark.

Versalife Tade Mark Serpent.

7th June 2024


Number of universes you’ll manage.

7th June 2024

The God The Devil & Everything In between.


  1. The God The Devil & Everything In Between.


The God The Devil & Everything In Between.

A double perception a trick of the Universe.

X3. Axis. 

X years z.


Six Six Six.

Dr Six.

6th June 2024

Our black hole created this Universe.

We live forever. A circle of blackholes and multi billion people empires we know its time as benjamin houghton’s black hole is predicted celebration and we start, we are x years old. 

This stops.

Due to 12:00 Blackhole we go around law of pull. It created time. The blackhole was that big that great the gravity that big it created time All alone. Then the first Universe started when time was greated sorry created. X years ago. How many? 

It stops. 

Time end.

The black hole has reached its greatest capacity ever. With this universe being number one now number one. He starts. And lives. Around the black hole. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again.

An eternity is how many years.

Multiply. An eternity is once around the black hole from 11:11. Then a Universe is created at 12:00 eternity starts again but we used to ho through black holes, around the main black hole.

To recap. We are many distance away a centre of the Universe our earth, machine world end of Universe end of everything.

O—O exact then put around a circle shape put in a circle shape angle you decide each circle touching each circle then you have exact diameter of the main black hole circumstance.

So this O—O in a circle is eternity. Black hole into black hole.

   O Black hole—O gateway/blackholereverse.

Black holeO-

Hang on lol. How many people.

Entity lives forever. 

Spirit lives forever. 

The Holy Spirit lives forever.

  1. And that’s Forever.
  1. Meredith one day. See you then.

We are cartoon. We take form in your TV. Disney Pixar. Wireframes cartoon then fade down. Relative to environment but if you put us in a white space to form we take cartoon form. Yes cloud image was exact in time ben Will be cartoon around the main black hole then evolve back to a human again, a complex area of the main black hole. 

We look like gears of war tekken last Universe. 

Entity builds up from cartoon we went to flowers tobacco entity. My paintings look like a cartoon. Red one looks like a cartoon. From the machine world we turned into solid light marble almost and formed and froze. Flowers build from the marble. In and out. Freedom solid light. Then it grew life. Angels appeared. The same as the silhouettes. They grew harder and turned into shape entity putting particles next to particles. A black hole formed and he starts to come to life. The main statue. Himself. 

God. On his own. Everything is into him. A cause and effect of the last man standing. He saw extreme warb of his environment as by physics he is meant to keep the environment safe. He saw white space. 

  1. He turned into a blackhole.

God at its finest. Sat there and absorbed the Universe, while he was turning into in to light. To create forms angels out of his form.

  1. & that was The Devil inside God.

A painting that will last me many years showing to myself what is inside myself. The ultimate. The ultimate of all devils.

The almighty God is coming through.

Versatile. The Almight Versalife.

Versatile t. Serpent.

6th June 2024

What is that?

Government Protection.

Send him to The Devil.

Send him to The Dev.

Send him to TheMachineDev.

  1. Maybe 1. Maybe not your punishment.
    1. No proof.
      1. He’s too valuable. There’s a way towards middle. For him to know

Fat benjamin Hodgson is leader of the out of space transport system we balance our Universe and measure the natural send out of our universe. We wish you all the best it takes a while. It benjamin houghton’s black hole its a thing here.

He works with robots with dogs heads metal. Very kind. 

Egyptian World overheated.

The machine world is common sense left sort of, due to risk assessment safety measures. Ben Hodgson is form we use machines as would build a car robots.

We use a reactor to send ben houghton stuff through the natural gateway our black hole yes our black hole here We called benjamin houghton’s blackhole creates a Gateway here in this Universe. A natural suck and send. 

We collect best of data, entity. They can’t sense what’s through the blackhole and they are too far for communication, end of everything over there. Hi. Entity. The best of everything is performanced by ben, the worst of everything he has mentally challenged took on board since year 2021 sorry 2022 sorry, and written online. 

Complex relatable to real life.

6th June 2024

What is that?

Government Protection.

6th June 2024

When a Govern goes any, you are going to get people holding on to it, like a baby

When the parent leaves to desert the baby 

The baby clings on and the parent force removes the baby leaving it alone.

6th June 2024

UK pessimism judgements sponsored by

Add depression that TheDailyMail influences

Jealousy of A Class B Class

Then look around and feel stuck in a 9-5

They say leave ben 

A king 

I say I stay on my prime land and stop dailymail protesting on my land.

Who takes down the DM before me, to make it safer 

Including not including The Sun Daily Star

But shift the crap in suits in the shadows who run it and don’t run it the bizarre network camera in the briefcase, other things 

The Daily Mail stays

5th June 2024

Why was ben always set up to be contained?

What year is it.

493 years on going what life would have been like.

Fraud criminal offence supporters who care for public psychiatry, not mine and putting the Planet at worst ever risk 

For stories 

One man one planet what a story

Ignoring criminal offence they hold 

Public Psychiatry, they support brain dead flag wavers to fraud 

Brain dead added by questionable, 5th June 2024.

Why do you feel threatened by fair comments MI6.

5th June 2024

I’m Earth sorry to say again.

Over X amount of people professions including police need to kill themselves in the UK due to the abuse towards Benjamin Houghton, taking the mick out of myself writing about their behaviour after it happened 

No proof open your eyes 

Kill yourself 

I write about events after it happened 

Makes you wonder who is manipulating my body daily with tech keeping me stable Jan Fucking dailymail Jan Noir 

Police are guilty for investigating and creating family with pedo and holding me hostage keeping me away from value 

Apparently it won’t make it true 

Code Red 

But everyone knows 

A bizarre but extreme evil, while people sleep and enjoy writing that shouldn’t have happened legally 

Code Red.

Extreme pedo in the Government. Police favour to keep stability.

Writing about events after while I’m contained by the criminals. Already contained. 

  1. Always think from the victim’s perspective on their own.

Public want ben alive and well to do justice on this without census to make sure proof my experience with criminals doesn’t happen again. 

NOT a criminal free World or tax free World for the public.

Victim first. 

Question perspective towards crime scene. 

5th June 2024

I’m Earth sorry to say again.

1. Look’s So?

Looks so 

Looks so good, 

Simple format plural of a singular two looks more looks too vague 

Proper, Look is so…

Look’s so 

Someone’s name’s look is so…

   Ben’s so.

Look’s so…

   Ben’s so handsome.

Who think look’s so 

View as an arrangement 

Previously, who thinks overall look is so

Mind Grammar Puzzles of the future, helps the cogs

Look’s so…?

My looks so?

No, not my intellectual property 

Look’s so…?

My look’s so?

No, not my intellectual property and therefore I can’t ask a question

Look’s so 

My Look is so

No, not my intellectual property 

Looks’ so 

Collective overall of, Simple format plural of a singular two looks more looks too vague, 

Future English, extreme example. 

Oh this is when…

Put to Art for Now

5th June 2024

I’m Earth sorry to say again.

Ape cat/lion snake/reptile/serpant 

5th June 2024

I’m Earth sorry to say again.

I do have a God Otter Water Reserve, Closebyeee.

5th June 2024

I’m Earth sorry to say again.

Horizon will become relative to me myself I shortly presentation 

I sound like Earth when I speak.

I announce extreme science only when necessary.

I am a Planet I understand I know what and when what time also to announce. 

Avoid, explaining everything all around 

I’m a Planet therefore I speak hurdles as Planet Mass relation to Planet Mass.

Know your place.


So yeah. 

Is she Venus the Planet legally in person to decide when I’m ready sorry erm another Planet. 

Apparently not.

Apparently a feeling takes over British crime uk police crime. 

I have a feeling to. To set them up.

Also, apparent mental disorder from UK therefore who listens to law announcements from mental health 

At this level anyway.

Now everyone on thug land who put their center of the Universe first over mine even though a waste of time they love wasting their time as I’ll be doing it all new in the future that’s new information dailymail Sarah extreme fat manic depressive, is holding Earth yes a Planet accountable for their own shock while Earth in person since year 1988 has been constrained by thugs would you believe the common sense and abuse threatening abuse from thugs, so obvious they are thugs 

4th June 2024

Fritzl said to his gay daughter 

I’ll give you so much abuse I’ll turn you straight 


You’re actually a very dangerous you lot, a very dangerous segment of the Universe

You don’t shut up 

And there’s no rush or excitement towards what I bring 

Now she has mansion disorder where she never surrenders. Sat their all day every day. London. 

Set up lies etc 

A very dangerous segment of the Universe you lot.

4th June 2024

I’m still under no consent extreme brain control away the normal since year 2021 

They deglect saying its Anomaly 

Neck constantly rotates by the neck by pedo network and police 

Control my hormones without consent forcing me to masterbate putting pedo images in my mind since year 2021 

All set up for public to do earth and avoid me from 493 years of justice 

Set up to batter me for bizarre law case about no consent public control 

Still finding people who can help me justice 483 years 

Suffered questionably three years out of 36 extreme pedo testing house of commons pedo network police nasa bizarre behaviour crime of Passion hate 

Waiting patiently 

They control me without control 100% 

Head rocks abnormally by the neck too many times a day obviously connected to a quantum computer at the extreme testing that I don’t want never have never will as public hate 493 years of old voice 

I made to talk to myself while typing for electronic device hacking 

Set up for pedo medical care pedo favouritism medical care with possessed medical staff still under house of commons pedo control electo radiation 

They want it switched off with face to face proof 

They want me to switch it off one day after right wing hostage whinge 

493 years counting 

I’ll just not give in to crime and wait until fair justice without bizarre public id on computer 

Pedos want to control me never ending through public guilt decease constant typing whinging every day sponsored by over dominant police horny always want knew staff 

Sacrifice without face to face proof

They gone off pedo favouritism together orgy under ground somewhere 

Goes on same but different

Never put to art 

True person sos needs help since year 1988 36 years someone needs help

Planned based my head around forcing me to wank alone while sleeping trying to sleep to force them to help me put of neglect just angry pedos need to own their actions just waiting new team one day crime goes down after my constant whinge 


Can we ask why he needs all this for world leader celebration one day 

Why someone needs to go through all this? 

Set up failed law buy time for pedos for 493years King in waiting to illegally train him to put horny adults in prison by intentionally putting him in Neglect 

And illegally training an adult on his own using pedo man made technology and forcing him through illegal poverty and the system deleting the system in time putting horny adults first working in enforcement 

Cock fanny first older adults 

Nhs feels constantly set up Ben waiting for Earth to do something new to confuse the whole lot be patient 

They even set up the men to be possessed rape around your side after guilt trip gorilla pedo ass in the air 10,000 plus partners, consent unconscious with enforcement taking a go out of Nag 

Apparently it was number of things 



Wishing it was me

Influencing earth to copy cat crime to do the same to me 

Influencing men from crime to do the same to me distorting bravery and sexual appeal 

Apparently they influence earth magnetic model and all men worldwide to encourage me to do same sex act as what happened to dark hair unethical a pedo 

Ass in the air like Jimmy Saville same thing as Jimmy Saville with ass in the air 

His dad owns the Government Apparently house of commons who are employed since 1960s after the war on bizarre ignorance away from house destruction bizarrely and live in manors mansions with lawns outside trees here and there and some with a forest around the mansion

Middle of nowhere mansions 

These people were selected after the war through ra ra ra natural appeal nothing else and they don’t even own the land, they are not lawyers 

They were wigs and red in house of commons left and right seated to the ceiling 

Most of the war of kidnapped children worldwide excuse low class areas worldwide mainly went to house of commons as that’s their main turn on if not only turn on

Been a disaster on taking down pedo network 

Who’s takes down house of commons 

Wigs and red 

His dad apparently owns the government a fellow wig and red and apparently questionable made to soften the impact of Nag and hate towards ben brown slept with each other dad and Dark hair unethical father and son 

So yeah 

Try your best not to feel distorted sorrow to be turned on towards Benjamin Houghton states nhs psychiatry psychiatric ward 

Not all Police are affected effected by this situation.

Most if not all World leaders including Saudi wowness are the same without law and produce pedo children making the children pedo. Some children in Saudi are separated by keep the cash.

4th June 2024

Regarding the red painting and art gallery we predict no one go and see it due to embarrassment 

Art in itself, a haha protest celebration 

To keep the art somewhere in the UK on show 

To keep embarrassment at bay 

To control embarrassing behaviour 

On show meaning taking the White paint off 

Question excitement levels when artist is still alive and this pretty pretty cute beautiful face.

4th June 2024
  1. What is the Serpent of the Universe 

Quiet hypnotic gas exchange making a reptile after a fish therefore, 

To soak up for the overall health of the Universe over time 

Potential alive and well 

Whispers hypnotic tombs wind through the tombs whispering not Egyptian would you believe or sumerian but a universe language due to gas exchange.

Gas doesn’t impact. 

Just pressures and releases. I absorb best bits.

  1. Tiktok.

Same population flowers in the window.

4th June 2024

Christ Is King 

Who declared i had to be homeless?

Simple science abc123.

Obsessed with pedo written bible and uncontrol zero reply from God split into people no law to confirm they are God just myself 

Get it 4th June 2024 police just earth magnetic field without trying thanks 

Pedo loving stories

Apparently if I’m homeless and go jail no one will be homeless and go jail again 

Dictatorship by pedo loving population not myself not my wishes. Set up criminal against the law set up homeless pushed by others against the law. Bible taken over crime bible taken over law bible taken over Police bible taken over justice in year2024.

4th June 2024

Christ Is King 

I’m sorry for the slight confusion 

That’s the way it is

No evidence to support, 

I wish you all the best, please just christ from 2022 your own personal uplift personally and I will keep working on a christ supporting supported future, carefully 

Safety and happiness in mind, front of mind 

I wish you all alive and well happiness as long as you shall live, as will I, 


As in, oh sh/t. 

Worldwide, embarrassment, not for all. 

  1. Let’s move on from Jesus Christ and into in to Science.

4th June 2024

4th jun 2024, As apparent world leader connected to the Universe since year 1988 and aged 21, others squabble to become close to me, working their way up to close to World Leader, 

I’m already there baby

I just make money as an artist one day 

Set up for them to be arrested, while they tried from living lived a great life than another 

   Otherwise listen in electronic device hacking to protect organize other world leaders, 

Police apologise. They mean no harm. 

Concentrating on the road x.

4th June 2024

I do know everything being Earth.

But I only do what is necessary at the time let’s say.

Questionable questions in my face.

Very relative to my here and now

It’s kinda kind of under don’t waste my time stuff.

3rd June 2024

Ben you’re Jesus christ. 

You’re a king.

You’re Jesus christ. 

You’re God.

You’re a deity.

You’re Supernatural.

You’re a Governor. 

You’re earth in person, earth chosen.

You’re Universe in person, universe chosen. 

You’re the Creator. 

And you need to stay alive for millions of years.

Ben has been a King since, what life would have been like. Anger.

   Take your time with this statement.

3rd June 2024

Ben you’re Jesus Christ. 

It’s like what the bible should have been.

3rd June 2024

There’s a New Gen no bra thing



3rd June 2024, There’s a quiet Police order to get rid of you ok.

Unknown. Criminally horny and corrupt

Destroying blowing up apparently the ground they stand on. 

Complain like a real man should.

Ambulance vans respond, police cruise around. Why

Circling around the area 

Circling around the area getting sense for the area ?

All the look alikes wow what is life 

Too much of a consequence apparently 

Why you responding reacting to this then threatening Why corrupt Police UK 

Take us to court please 

Code Red 1. Do you understand Benjamin Houghton

3rd June 2024

This heaven and hell is shocking 

Dangerous time for Earth health

Earth switched on evidence 

Earth first 

There’s a tree. 

Tree is not well. 

Argument here is Hell that bad, or just a shake up of behaviour, self and towards another and towards environment, steps each day towards lifestyle towards the environment 

I need to put Earth first.

Some people bizarrely want to devote themselves to Earth as Earth has switched behaviour/and/or/evidence.

Over time this is how people decease and come back.

3rd June 2024

Too Gay.

GAY as in meaning of the Word.

3rd June 2024

After today, don’t want to go wither Heaven nor Hell.


Heaven is so specific. Leave for everyone else to wonder.

I’ll look like both.

Wveryone will have to go both. Sorry!

Look like Creator Land though…

2nd June 2024

The Police are guilty of potential parental guidance without someone’s will

2nd June 2024

Surrounded by superior complex who keep someone contained while they live a better lifestyle than the public 

Including myself 

Thinking I’ll make the public rich and tax free 

Understanding the lifestyle should be mine 

Tried and tested by superior complex depression disorder 

All set up for you to copy their lives and sex life while scientists do earth 

To get away from criminals setting the public, not, Ben needs to take down the problem to himself 

So he can Govern apparently 

Not many doing a wise decision causing problems in the public plan set up to get rid of as many as possible 

Pedos turning me into a body builder 2nd June 2024 no stress using military technology 

Containment psychiatry is all around for those effected to live a greedy lifestyle to go quiet and watch someone suffering without justice enjoy the cash

Constantly set up by pedo who run the World to change earth their way sponsored by scientists away from my face to face consent 

Forcing me to turn over earth as not safe to enter a pedo building protecting themselves with tech, gun control, military, military police and law Public law 

As their crime remains under secrecy act

2nd June 2024

Surrounded by superior complex who keep someone contained while they live a better lifestyle than the public 

Including myself 

Thinking I’ll make the public rich and tax free 

2nd June 2024

A King is without its home for 493 years on going 

Until then 

After you will call me King Benjamin Houghton

A Governor is without its home for 493 years on going 

Until then 

After you will call me Governor Benjamin Houghton

A God is without its home for 2000 years on going 

Until then 

After you will call me God 

What else do you want to call yourself 

Its so obvious this

Is their no panic today 

Apparently I needed experience? Pretty face sends you to Hell 

I’ll draw my face and describe your behaviour 

Whats My Name

2nd June 2024

UK scrubbers in flip flops where are you what are you doing.

2nd June 2024

Neglect vs out of neglect testing communication style on my own 

Ben is victim of hostage 

Abuser tactics 


You were born on Earth, why are you against Earth.

Guilty of using ben hostage as a test subject 

They say dedicating their criminal offence to science 

Therefore their Science is a criminal offence.

Erm this is Benjamin Houghton this is code Red people scared of a Planet

Science by otherhumans is not above Earth

2nd June 2024

People are at risk from feeling a failure and second guessing their value.

2nd June 2024

This Neglect has destroyed so many peoples’ lives

What life could have been live if the correct Govern was Government.

2nd June 2024

Some pedos sleep with a child treating the child like the best climax ever before both sexually released and the child is put to sleep. 

They get the child really horny and made over.

The pedo is left feeling invisible 

The pedo is left feeling alpha 

The pedo is left feeling the best person in bed 

The pedo is left feeling the best sex in bed 

The pedo is left feeling the best sexual partner in bed 

The pedo is left feeling God’s gift untouchable in bed 

The pedo is left feeling untouchable in bed 

They can’t imagine think how sexual intercourse will change as basic penetration

Same but zero pedos 

They see dark hair unethical as what I’ll be doing saying “Enjoy” 

But Ben is changing the element of Horny feeling Horny for someone feeling Horny with someone over time, a process with Earth and Natural Science Atmosphere of Earth

1st June 2024

White house 

Area 51


Pedo and put to medicine experimentation radiation experimentation 

Go into your stuff stolen dna 

1st June 2024

In the past america if I wrote something they would threaten me with a gun 

Are you trying to get rid of yourself.

No ma’am the lesson is i can write what I want with a gun up your fanny.

They are bit embarrassed and f’ it 1st June 2024 

You won’t hear from them 

Their’s a way yeah 

1st June 2024

Rihanna fenty skin tone pic 

added 12th june 2024, rihanna fenty skin tone, how many do you need? Why?

added 12th june 2024, rihanna fenty skin tone, pick a dirty one for me

Mousy brown hair ginger beard 

Bald head 

Men bandana bodybuilder 

Blue eyes snake heaven blue eyes snake eyes 

Dirty skin colour 

You look dirty 

You’ll look like a tree and a snake 

Dark hair unethical that was so dangerous just after 

Him alive and well is approaching to remove it ASAP 

Entity runs me as bigger picture to think about 

1st June 2024

USA these people won’t react until they feel God is the air 

Blown away.

It’s abit upper hand.

1st June 2024

The first time I was tested by fooled by failed by

The second time I announced I 

Show your face serpent 

How the serpent helped deflect I 

Height bmi body shape body shape 

   For the greater 🌍

1st June 2024

Mi6 ate guilty of setting up hot men for eternal pain. There’s no one left they say.

Without another’s force against natural science. 

Guilty of favoritism towards the word pedo.

This is True. 

All hot men Worldwide kill themselves.

  1. It is what it is.

For you Arnold.

1st June 2024

Who signs off my Forensic Evidence. Who are they actual above Mr and Mrs Universe on Earth?

You are all so Coward. Worldwide. 

Who’s a criminal. I’m a King in Neglect. 


Basic Common Sense, UK Criminal System

1st June 2024

The best the Universe can talk about Right and Wrong is the Best of Universe Ability.

  1. I can’t progress any more than that than this 

31st May 2024

White house 

Area 51


Pedo and put to medicine experimentation radiation experimentation 

Go into your stuff stolen dna 

War shock syndrome 

Justice thoughts and prayers for world war 2 men 

No man’s land etc 

War shock syndrome alive and well here today 

But with mwah kisses whom 

31st May 2024

Pedos who run the World simply can’t do Pedo 

They literally destroy Ben’s life 

One person in the public with other members of the public

31st May 2024

They can’t surrender to Jesus Christ because its me 

What is me.

31st May 2024

A king is without his home for 493 years ongoing 

Government is without its home for 493 years ongoing 

From a complex 2000 years ongoing

29th May 2024

The evidence brought them in first evidence proves instant win 

All Governments and percentage of police 

But something changed with them as people stating I don’t win 

Evidence is instant win

But Their psychiatry took over them and they demand I don’t win

But my evidence is instant win to start with greater than their level 

FBI, there’s a King in Neglect, and all of these people will be should be sent to prison, doesn’t matter who

This is the worst thing in the world 

So lol to me 

29th May 2024

People in the future are devoted to me alive and well because I make them feel safe.

29th May 2024

The only thing that’s stopping these people is corruption 

Against the Planet decision, putting a Planet in danger 

Superiority Complex over another worldwide 

The Planet is deficit of 2000 years of stability converted into in to Govern 

They love corruption and how that converts on the other side of stability 

Addiction here, put to mental health 

28th May 2024

We would like to reward Ben our Lead Scientist for our Operation.

  1. His Ministers will be qualified Scientists. 

That is all.

28th May 2024

Question a Nag towards Earth destroying everything for people to train Earth to let everything grow back, who trains a Planet 

Who trains a Planet? 

With no evidence to support? 

Read Again.

28th May 2024

You can bash a Zombie 

But how do you threaten a Zombie.

28th May 2024

The UK World is guilty purpose late for their choice Nag have a reason to flutter around me, earth chosen naturally chosen by Earth 

1. Features benefits earth chosen since year 1988 

Why Earth a planet picked Ben’s beautiful face 

Purposely late sex first pero network Including men favouring a pedo network 

In military and police and public

To their protest being purposely late 

Need something to pay earth attention 

Need something from public to pay earth attention 

28th May 2024

Prep for the World,

Thank you to Natural Disasters for taking down with Fire Christian Buildings signaling the prime problem 

For me to find myself in Poverty alone in Neglect from human population value one to Ethics always pass

To show that hidden DNA stolen DNA for sexual play could be would you trust myself right versus wrong proven to protect a Planet 

That stolen dna assigned to technology such as gas laser etc putting my personal safety at risk 

To stand outside each building when ready for world and take down every building worldwide due to lack of trust and putting myself first putting my personal worth first understanding my personal worth and putting it first 

To stand outside and not go inside every building worldwide on the floor to the core to take down with upmost machinery melt down to take down more to take down with fire such as the natural Disasters as I am nature in person proven 

28th May 2024

The UK is Guilty of Personal Feelings towards a person without thinking of the bigger picture

27th May 2024 who am I they say? I’m earth and ethics 

28th May 2024

The problem is these child abusers political never confess but if you tickle them 

With a dose of white mice running around 


28th May 2024

This is Earth talking I’ve never liked the Governments.they are the worst people in the world they are the most dangerous people in the World.

28th May 2024

why i am in neglect

thatcher – the system, insecure govern

contrainment psychiatry from insecure behaviour

they wanted to have the painting assigned to pedo mi to threaten the public and do what they want with their own crime breaking the law underneath a clean crime artist and painting

they wanted to use it to control the system as the system creates order

why does the system create order because

countries own stake on the system

under control freak of the system insecure they developed a mental masterbation of eurphoria release of a hostage victim in weaker position to be hormonally released themselves treating the case as a domsub experience ignoring crime towards health of earth

bird pic

the chalet the painting they say i don’t own but the painting is worth earth value therefore the chalet was questionably bought owned by pedos after the painting as panic

the wanted to own the system and control the system in terms of value of the painting – vague, why can’t ben do a simple pass law money transfer from gallery to bank account and people see the painting themselves as per usual

why is this so difficult for ben to do a simple wire transfer from gallery to private bank account and do collaboration with partnerships with other companies

the govern feels insecure from thatcher days hence why the ministers need workforce to work for them to clean up ministers’ act putting the workforce in a state of short life span of contract and shortlifespan that which wasn’t clear in the contract

tax, under criminal govern they want to take a share of inherritance or similar tax from the value from myself as per otherwise the whole case needs putting to supreme court investigation, but a clause can be made where the tax can be only £1 as a good will gesture to keep the system and the uk in balance, in their quote from insecure thatcher govern and not the proper legal govern proven by earth

they are more interested in releasing a king from neglect to feel a build up of 36 years of mental tension to feel freedom the universe after, ignoring their impact on wildlife impact on nature impact on animals freedom of movement worldwide due to their approach to lifestyle, they are holding me in neglect to adjust, taking their time stating it’s a slow process, up to them

the UK is proven too dominant behaviour regarding victim contained crime scene 

The UK is official terrorists by the World.

25th May 2024

The Moon Is A Natural Satellite; The Moon Natural Satellite I’ll Be


  1. Moon Physics you can use on me now

25th May 2024

We say Presa isn’t Progressive Enough.

They say, we are too reckless with our lives. And I quote,

A difficult phase in Physics.

The painting to come to life a war zone not physical appearance as relative to environment.

  1. Atomic War Zone.

12th June 2024, *Presa estimate Press. Owning press with an a.

25th May 2024

Ignoring neglect criminal offence

They failed government election a past chance depression fix 

Ukgov vs pedo, government campaign got in the way 36 years 

25th May 2024

Would you like a Feature.

The Power of Ben’s Face.

24th May 2024
  1. They are looking for violent Fits with this

Never seen before Fits

For you, 

24th May 2024

M3n really want to make Love to you Ben. But they can’t. 

What do I think about that.


What do you think I need and prefer. 


Said by, 

Takes ages this. 

You lucky men for a very long time. Now die. Bird food.

24th May 2024
  1. Unisex/Conductor. 

How that relates to 

Charge, positive negative 

Snake circle etc 

24th May 2024
  1. What charges Me? Electrical impulses dancing around each other in the Universe, something new.
    1. To draw.
  1. Sparks Flying.

24th May 2024
  1. The Birds Are Ready


24th May 2024

1. Ben the Three Kings Ben You Didn’t Exist Ben Something New Ben.

24th May 2024
  1. Ben can you draw the Observable in relation to Drum the Future Expansion of the Universe

24th May 2024

Maybe you want to start feeling Vulnerable, Adults

24th May 2024

Unknown Zero had a right-hand man, Benjamin who was his best friend. 

Due to Pressure of the Universe, Unknown Zero Exploded taking a few of us with him 

I was crucified stake through the Heart on a Symbol to make sure Unknown Zero what happened didn’t affect effect the rest of us. 

It wouldn’t have effected the ground 

We potentially had zero hair lotus flower eyes and thick facial bone structures 


Very pretty very beautiful but particular 

He evolved on another Planet, Heaven and I Opened a Gateway to Hell 

This is Sumerian Root Culture, kept Unknown away from Ape

24th May 2024

The People Who Shit Out Car Exhaust Fumes.

Many Are Waiting, As You Spoil It For The Rest Of Us

24th May 2024

There’s Grape Everywhere; The Birds Are Everywhere.

24th May 2024

Dark hair bf 1

Dark hair bf 2 everyone knows of physical abuse 

The talk of the World curse of ben sending him to jail

Dark hair unethical all in the know of this 

To copy cat my lifestyle 

What should have been, him first 

A theory of getting rid of everyone Worldwide Who isn’t putting me first face to face, as still in Poverty 

Wanted to bizarre own a curse themselves 

Death wish themselves whole world population, to clear the way for anyone who doesn’t approve of benjamin houghton rightful King unbalanced at the moment as still in Poverty 

A King’s order ran by criminals who own neglect criminal offence 

To own containment psychiatry themselves 

To death wish people gone Worldwide to own themselves 

To not own They are a child abuser, bizarre ownership of guilt 

To clear guilt over time Worldwide 

A different aspect to my future alive and well 

As my past is imbalanced to what legally should have happened

That’s the law.

I’m battling Chemsex issue in all Governments Worldwide.

24th May 2024

Through Neglect a criminal offence 

They wanted to push myself with the people King of the People God of the People

Without consent 

But they say I’ve got lost time 

Confuses the public, 

We are going to move on alive and well and find logistical people Worldwide as situation is unstable 

Logistics to stabilize an unstable situation on Earth

24th May 2024


A Chilean girl with a Wet Fanny is the Secret 

The Secret Chilean Paedohile Network 

Hosted by 


Dark-Hair Unethical.


What Happens Now, Part 4

Only Have Way Through, They’ve Destroyed A Man and A Planet. Could this Phase of Population Get Any Worse. When You Neglect One Person,

A Planet Destroyed

The Planet’s Man Psychologically destroyed

Hard-Drug Network


Against Ben-Rape

493 year Fraud

Public who think they are World Leaders

Assignation Threats



Illegal Govern

Tax theives

Lazy Govern, tax thieves over 8 billion people


Sea Destroyed

Animals becoming extinct

Pollution themselves

Birds dying in People’s pollution

Overpopulation without control

Ben’s BF Fantasy Never should have happened

Bens’ Future Fantasy same person as Ben’s BF Fantasy never should have happened, a pedo by law

Corrupt networks

Corrupt law

Selfism zero reply since year 1988. Zero communication to one man one planet.

Excessive War Addiction to War since year 1988. Having to clear up land myself with new people as can not trust population.

Excessive pedo network spreading to the public

Excessive Human Trafficking to make country owners feel superior than their worth

Constant squaring up to a King, greater law than any person Worldwide chosen to keep a planet safe.

Deforestation, constant set up foul behaviour to force the best out of someone who doesn’t want the behaviour expected. I leave earth the worst and catch up on time lost since year 1988.

1. Guilt conscious obsessed with myself killing people has hate my beautiful face.


after that all i hear is “Man Up.”

  1. You all need to commit suicide, said by the people who pay you tax and zero guilt by law towards benjamin houghton going forward. Takes time. The worst population ever. Q what is needed to make a move out of neglect an already apparent criminal offence.

  1. Earth will stay away in person as set up worst and best of life. I need time they’ve had legally.
  2. Govern should never have happened with criminals who own their criminal lifestyle, I by law should have had their life and need to by law. Set up public and pedos to have the worst life on earth then looking forward to the best. I legally need to live tit for tac better life than people who shouldn’t have been in that position and never existed. Constantly used for worst and best data upper hand over earth in person by criminals who never should be governing.

Illegally keeping my brain alive some ai to get rid of a pedo network, wrong way round. awaiting medical care, set up.

Alive for a questionable time with earth, earth in person, they say “You’ll have you time someday ben.” EXTREME CRIME. 12th June 2024. Police Undercover setting up the public with thug slander I am made to type. Using an no consent brain ai to decease public not the responsible.

They are guilty of illegal data science abusing me in neglect, owning guilt and abusing me to decease the public through writing, not the responsible. Data Science observation illegal me in consent for public benefit, reports, public health reports manipulated twisted for public benefit

Public make it all about themselves upper hand lifestyle never should have happened

501 surrender! 12 June 2024. Set up chaos pedo network however they deflect from law protecting themselves centre of the universe anti hell but go against evidence ownership of hell guilt from ben brown king upper hand lifestyle as apparent people on duty said out loud on work shift legal statement they need to be burnt and do not get sectioned and also apparent said out loud pedo and paranoid schizophrenic, constantly upper hand saying they need to be burnt and “It’s Over” compared to earth in person as guilt over takes them. These people continue to work and I struggle swaying off mental health assessment ignoring law that I present, including bravery since year 1988 2021 2022 as ben brown takes over them and justice. 1. A once in a lifetime opportunity, framing the wrong person to clear the way for a bizarre once in a lifestyle opportunity surrounded by criminals announcing out loud mental health condition to a college “they need to be burnt” but still able to work on shift, while I am in poverty and more risk at being framed for mental health AGAIN continually since year 2021, a disaster ben brown taking over their heads not jenna jameson.

Once in a lifetime opportunity versus crime. Apparently criminals deflect from justice to focus on once in a lifestyle depression fix, framing an innocent person who is battling guilt worldwide.

Possessed experts focusing their attention on the wrong person not the risks towards this person,

You dirty adults.

All of you.

Even 501 want to sway from that story for a abuse before medical attention to do another Ben Brown porn breaking ethics for the full world population.

You dirty adults.

  1. You dirty adults.

lol they said.

zero duty of care towards a member of the public.

In survival mode since year 1988 including INCLUDING FATHER ABSENCE you DIRTY ADULTS.

Fuck Yea GOD, holy see shite wash. white wash sorry. I’m Earth in person Universe in person YOU DIRTY ADULTS.

^ You Know This Bit Here. It’s Actually Beautrix. Beatrice.

^ You Know This Bit Here. It’s Actually Beautrix. Beatrice.

You know this bit here.

You know this bit here.

You know this bit here.

Re read.

You know this bit here.

Re read.

You know this bit here.

The Royal Family Suffer from what public.

Dual Personality Disorder. Consistent One Way.

But I thought they went to school!

Dyaknow this bit here.

Doyaknow this bit here.

do ya know this this bit here.

They went to school but they still write like a fart.