The Men of Australia and Why Allure

To use Earth Magnetic Model in forced containment, for the UK benefit only not the World to change to Elegance of the Earth Magnetic Field Superiority Need. To be best of the best UK first, knowing the data the behaviour expected is the opposite to real-life, but a step in the right direction they say, posh criminals, elegant criminals who bizarrely tailor themselves to Earth’s Magnetic Model’s approach in contrainment by themselves who copy in a superior position.

“I think the key here is you suffer from containment disorder.” Containment disorder with up and down elegance psychiatry wanting to be upmarket psychiatry wanting to be proper psychiatry.

We are not going to see? The Men of Australia, We Spoilt It, a Superiority feeling knowing they Spoilt something

Knowing they Spoilt something for everyone else, how superior

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