The Legal Cross Over

Since year 1500 AD around 1500 AD the Order of Succession has been force by force illegally hidden against the law of Order of Succession

Before Benjamin Houghton myself was born, the DNA was kept hidden in Governments Worldwide, promoting Fraud Worldwide and illegal Govern illegal Govern of the public Worldwide

Hiding evidence value to a person rightful value to a person as a minor is a criminal offence before adulthood

Benjamin Houghton myself in Poverty since year1988 realised himself myself I am connected to Earth the Universe in Poverty

I am surrounded by criminal serial offenders who blame another for their actions

Legally, the Order of Succession needs to be passed by Court of Law to change over.

This will be legal consent by World Court of Law, to take everything down and recycle everything to take everything down again that is larger than, to bring Earth to basic Ground Zero

Firstly with myself in Neglect, a criminal offence I wouldn’t trust anything that has been built in terms of safety personal safety and longevity for the future for personal protection

Everything, what ever whatever it is will be taken down and recycled to build new materials new machinery to take everything down larger than Worldwide until we receive Ground Zero

The people legal team I will be with will build whatever we need to survive and adapt to survival instincts, causality cause and effect so forth to survive to adapt on Planet Earth.