The First Nuclea

I was a Machine.

Mass Effect 3 LE – Tuchanka: The Shroud (Ambience),

I was angular.

  1. 1 was angular.

Due to the first ever triangle atom. Due to Perfect 180 Pressure, An Atom Pressure by Mean. 1. An Atom Pressure by Mean.1.

  1. Emma created M3. A Secret Service Department in MI6,
  1. M3 is the Cubic Metre of Dot.

Mass Effect 3 LE – Menae (In Search of General Victus)

m3, the cubic metre, a unit of volume,

  1. The New Theme Tune by MI6, The New MI6.

  1. B just Happened.
  2. It Played Versilife.

B just happened.

It Played Versilife.

“B just Happened.” Said in a Yordie Accent.

“It Played Versilife.” In X Factor Accent. The Guy Who Presents X Factor.


It created Mindcraft Mi6

Minecraft Secret Service MI6 Building Daytime – Inside & Outside,

2,412 views 9 Mar 2018MI6 Building in London – daytime inside and outside views in Minecraft. A couple of things of interest that you will notice during this video; there are no lifts in the MI6 building – this is for two reasons; no agents can get stuck in a lift when the power goes out and also with all the eating places in the building they need all the exercise they can get. Also, as a closely guarded secret confirms, all MI6 cars have square wheels – this is so they can drive up and down steps, particularly useful when chasing baddies up the Spanish Steps in Rome. Oh, and MI6 agents CAN fly, but only after taking a few practice jumps. So if you bear all this in mind the experience is totally lifelike. Enjoy !!

  1. I was looking around.

I was looking at my keyboard here in Moston Lane. At the letter G. 3.38.


1. This was the Second Chemical Symbol.

I was playing Versalife.

  1. 2:25am in the chemical symbol. 8th June 2024.
  1. You Have Just Defeated Ai Robots. A Legal Statement. 8th June 2024 02:51AM.