The Firm, Rays of Gravity

  1. The Health of the Universe, a process.

People often wondering how does Ben take down The Firm? A swoppable Tax Number daily, they could be over the road, they could be down below they could be Grand Designs through the Hedges

In Physics, myself a chemical reaction daily of Entity, for the protection of the Universe due to a new observation that brain and biology in human form is a Universe tactic to keep the Universe safe for a questionable time, due to Conscious containment “This is a Benjamin Houghton Capsule.”

Conscious is misunderstood until now where chemical reaction needs to be contained to think to out smart to think out a questionable intention daily, for the protection of the Universe for a questionable time.

A conscious is contained smartly in a biology that is smartly free to be contained in a questionable safe place in the Universe with biological balance proven longevity, Oxygen is safe to breathe, the Earth is green and blue.

To produce a conscious since 1988 to complete full capacity of right and wrong before the first June 2024

Right and Wrong in relation to the Universe,

  1. Right and Wrong is the Centre containment of the Universe survival techniques contained within a biology safe/ish with Oxygen to breathe and the ability to go to the Park and visit the Beach, for longevity, balancing personal happiness and personal usual depression levels

Right and Wrong is the same as Universe protection to “Do Your Duty” protect the Universe, literally.

Myself, Benjamin Houghton in Neglect in Poverty I am surrounded by The Firm who are far greater than my access

The Universe versus The Serpent

The Serpent of the Universe is Reptile Physics versus I guess Fish Physics

The I guess First Time, he was tempted and failed by the Universe Serpent.

The Second Time, I revealed the Serpent.

And Therefore, Only Alive & Well The Universe Is Saved.


The pressure of the Universe during this questionable time, over a number of years, creates pressure in the Universe

  1. We have Gravitational Splits.
    • In Physics Rays of Gravity, going speed of light somewhere I need to stop

Interesting, enough, the Conscious of The Firm is held within the Conscious of particular age of The Firm

Interestingly, the Conscious of The Firm is these Gravitational Splits that are building up in pressure throughout time

Interestingly, the pressure of these Gravitational Rays will be somewhat enough for them to say sorry and I feel it because they mean it

Before they go.

On/Off Switch

Ben I don’t want to go to this Heaven or Hell I don’t want to go to Heaven I don’t want to go to Hell, I just want OFF live my life ON here I’m awake, then OFF when I die.

These people are not as guilty if anything guilty compared to The Neglect weight from The Firm, 1. putting the Universe in Neglect

It’s up to the people who campaign protest with cardboard signs they believe in Life On Life Off Switch to adult responsibility decide if they want On/Off Physics, that which is the same but different, affecting effecting them, personally throughout the population. Same but different is the Gravity Pressure Rays in Question.

They are Annoying.

You can Understand why with Proven Heaven Evidence Heaven Concept Evidence, From the Main Man Himself.

Luckily for myself, they are a phase of 1. The Health of the Universe, a process. as they represent with this psychiatry Split Gravity Rays due to the Pressure of the Universe. Luckily for myself when they pass away and OFF delete themselves from everything forever, the Universe is a safer place.

This is So Dangerous. Heard too much daily, The Universe is So Dangerous. Common Sense set up on going by criminals to hand over cowardly over time the public “confidence” towards Ben ignoring crime ignoring forensic evidence concrete justification

They mean well, these On/OFF psychiatry. They are progressive and self-centred a questionable healthy trait

  1. To soften Centre of the Universe physics over time, to create companion

To help, a person is extreme OFF while living on Earth, OFF. Let’s question their behaviour on Earth,

  1. Self-Centred shut off from Society.

God Bless.