Stitch In Time, Saves a Planet, Like Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto…;

Stitch (textile arts);

In the textile arts, a stitch is a single turn or loop of thread, or yarn. Stitches are the fundamental elements of sewingknittingembroiderycrochet, and needle lace-making, whether by hand or machine.[1] A variety of stitches, each with one or more names, are used for specific purposes.


In physicsspacetime is a mathematical model that fuses the three dimensions of space and the one dimension of time into a single four-dimensional continuumSpacetime diagrams are useful in visualizing and understanding relativistic effects such as how different observers perceive where and when events occur.

Until the turn of the 20th century, the assumption had been that the three-dimensional geometry of the universe (its description in terms of locations, shapes, distances, and directions) was distinct from time (the measurement of when events occur within the universe). However, space and time took on new meanings with the Lorentz transformation and special theory of relativity.

In 1908, Hermann Minkowski presented a geometric interpretation of special relativity that fused time and the three spatial dimensions of space into a single four-dimensional continuum now known as Minkowski space. This interpretation proved vital to the general theory of relativity, wherein spacetime is curved by mass and energy.

The Public “Mi6 He’s Connected to Earth.” “Well Take Him Out Then.” “Well No Because Cos You’re a Threat to Our Personal Safety.”

The UK Has Someone Contained & They Are Looking @ His Instagram Like An Art Gallery.


In the context of caregivingneglect is a form of abuse where the perpetrator, who is responsible for caring for someone who is unable to care for themselves, fails to do so. It can be a result of carelessness, indifference, or unwillingness and abuse.[1]

Neglect may include the failure to provide sufficient supervision, nourishment, or medical care, or the failure to fulfill other needs for which the victim cannot provide themselves. The term is also applied when necessary care is withheld by those responsible for providing it from animals, plants, and even inanimate objects. Neglect can carry on in a child’s life falling into many long-term side effects, including physical injuries, developmental trauma disorder, low self-esteem, attention disorders, violent behavior, and death.[2]

  1. Universe Spacetime Legal Statements, The Universe weighs At least 1053 kg[5] according to Wikipedia, and communicates through myself, an Anomaly of Physics Natural Science
    • If you’re struggling for acceptance please put under Poetry, another legal term called ignorance

31st May 2024

Apparently there’s a God has to everything himself Trust issue

Who to trust to check health and safety out of shed containment UK scenario with a King and Govern since year around 1500AD

“just do whatever you want Ben alright” question what is needed to give a victim presents after from abusers who contain a victim. Reward after and the team lifestyle after planned containment, freedom is a present apparently.

Ben has been forceably force-ably contained to force dictate freedom worldwide after, while they live a certain life controlling the public, a superior feeling they wanted to feel before myself as the system I will govern is freedom apparently, therefore they are guilty of control over the public superiority feeling over myself, them first

Ben does the same but not with criminals

Ben does the same but not with criminals who contain a member of the public on purpose, in the know containing a public of the public , they say they contain all members of the public, no, they have been criminally obsessed with a member of the public Benjamin Hodgson to Benjamin Houghton for over 36 years.

To force elaborate I do the same as them but not with criminals who contain one person in the public for over 36 years.

31st May 2024

ME hearing mi6 the same woman in my head every single day 2021 on going no consent experimentation everyone agrees to
danger level

Stop doing extreme science on this man please he can’t defend for himself.

31st May 2024

493 years king no home government no home over 2000 years

31st May 2024

pollution level
dominance species

31st May 2024

CAN YOU PUT THE DATE PLEASE BEN POLICE 31st May 2024 can earth not protect itself as obsessed with something from another planet
still in poverty

31st May 2024

Give a man a break
“Give a man yes a man A MAN a break”
in other words give him a break from you 10 mins

36 years on going

31st May 2024

To show people their full extent of their nag.

31st May 2024

Forgetting Containment Victim Shed Scenario real life with a King and Govern waiting for a questionable time for over 2000 years

They feel Ben You’re God themselves

31st May 2024

“This Doesn’t Work” Containment Officer

“Can you do your trick on making us read literature the new way”

Benjamin, myself displays information the previous way before whinge.

31st May 2024

31st May 2024 you’ve spent time money and signals around the world but no order 

Signaling someone is here 


Obsessed with Jesus Christ 


Doesn’t this person rule the World meant to rule the World

Public, @ me, Earth speaking Universe speaking: “whinge.”

31st May 2024

The public is guilty for taking advantage of neglect hostage situation to feel God themselves per individual basis being Sacredness themselves per individual basis to have their Chosen Person Chosen One a young God Sacredness forced into in to containment weaker than his worth so the Gods the Sacredness Dominant Gods can force themselves after psychiatric abuse towards their Chosen One to help the contained God contained Sacredness God 

Training. They say. Show me your law Show me your God Evidence 

Making my evidence bottom of the pile 

Making my evidence bottom of the pile with your God Evidence in hierarchy order on top above Bens Ben’s evidence

“We are not well”

Ben Ben is the top of an Egyptian Pyramid usually made of sewage sorry Granite sorry diamond

31st May 2024

30th May 2024

For Our Own Personal Safety We’ve Left.


30th May 2024

People are going to come off Heroin, Ben.

30th May 2024

Lord Emma.

I just want to say thank you for being connected since year2021. She has changed everything 

By science.

She has been doing paedophilia with Science

That’s a Campaign UKGOV as people will kill themselves because I’m so Sacred.

Ben and Phil Gizzie Bruno Knight and Ben Brown is under Criminal Observation how they set up the Public. 

Ben is the most dangerous thug in the World.

  1. Ben you’re a Bitch. The Police.

Just you existing 1. you set people up Ben, a psychiatric disorder. 

Father Absence made me the Most Dangerous Thug In The World, baby blue eyes.

Three days before Gay Ski Week South of France they partied for three days meth had a blazing argument psychiatry argument of alpha sub abuse Bruno Knight forcing Ben to apologise then go into in to a car and drove to Dover got on a Ferry and then drove together through France through the mile countryside dropping off at Crusing Lorry Laybys fisting a Lorry Driver and then driving up the Hills to Gay Ski Week where I couldn’t stop crying pain with him driving

Day whatever 

He punched me and I walked minced home 

A friend put me in bed 

He tried to climb up the Hotel to my bedroom 

He was a fire breather, we both did angle grinding high on meth 

We heard/witnessed many die from GHB left naked on the chair and the gays doing a runner after we left 

I demanded HIV from Phil Gizzie 

It wasn’t him. 

He asked me to take pep. 

I declined, politely

You have a psychiatric disorder where you allure people in intentionally. He stares at your lips

“Lord” Emma is Guilty of Containment of a member of the public and pedo paedophilia and researching child abuse mental health herself to avoid jail prison

30th May 2024

Geisha is the Most Historic Sex Grooming Ring In The World

This is crime. 

They are both under psychiatric review and imprisonment for the men women of the sex grooming ring even the ones in disguise. The origin women they say who are found under kidnap of another they say are free from imprisonment.

In the first time in History North Korea leaders will be imprisonment by their slaves.

The biggest second most dangerous operation in the World, second from bees.

I like North Korean order though. North Korea and myself will run the World.

They are going to do crime.

The order is.

30th May 2024

Extreme crime alert.

Italy and Latin have argument crime court about faith. 

Now Latin stole Italy and held Italy Ransom.

30th May 2024

Could I be scientifically proven greater legally than jenna jameson the success of jenna jameson

Who are you. Who are you. Who are we.

  1. We are Electrical Machines in Bio Form.

I need to make you all Feel Safe.

Could you put some pics of her and transform into in to a male version?

30th May 2024

The Story Of Samuel and Galijsgxjdnth.

30th May 2024

Code Red, Eye of Horus.

Ben. You’re Egyptian Sumerian 

What extent has this Thug gone to the find 

  • Peave

I’m surrounded by the most dangerous People Alive in all Existence.

Who’s to Blame? Me. 

  1. That Ceasarion Face.

30th May 2024

I’ve been set up by Holy See of Order on Psychiatric Report For Medical Public Records Worldwide.

Hell on Earth.

“Your Strength Only Strengthens Us”


30th May 2024

Ben is legally Owner of The Police.

Ben sets people up. It’s about Self Control.

In 2022 I made a complaint to Counter Terrosim through the Official Website. Manchester and Terrorism Regulators in the USA through their Official Website

And also the EU Police Cooperation.

The British Royal Family. The Holy See and the UKGovernment is under arrest.

I also emailed China Chinese Anti Terrorism Act via the Official Website

Ben you’re God.

30th May 2024

  1. Ben You’re A Planet.

30th May 2024

All the Spirits are Free With You Ben.

30th May 2024

For years National Press has threatened the public 

Now you’re threatening Ben and the Planet

It has to stop at War!

The most extreme protest Ever James Cleverly and Dark-Hair Unethical as they watched and acted like it was going to be me in the future and men extreme lust and greed over me myself, proving in law psychiatry James Cleverly understood he had has a God cock God Penis. True.

I’ll be on my own for a while it’s a Gas Planet and what happens on a Gas Planet.

A Government Campaign

They are not even Ministers Ben it’s just Sex.

Trust. With Me You Have Trust.

How do you Stop people going to Hell as its Risky Otherwise.

  1. What Are We Ben.

The force of the Universe took over resulting in myself around the core of earth. A clean slate. Now Know understanding adult responsibility.

Hate. Hate yourself.

Paedophilia causes Mental Shift in the child’s brain.

30th May 2024

We do fly around in a Spaceship and Maybe We’ll See You In Hell

I thought we’re going to get tested then come back

30th May 2024

I want to see The Holy See’s Natural Disaster per person list 

As they have contained God for him to train, declaring they are already Gods like me and connected to Earth like me therefore they have a personal Natural Diaster list per person

And a sequence of look-alikes just God they have contained 

Maybe they panic searched 

Please not all look-alikes ben myself God looks like are from Royal taste.

30th May 2024

How does God clear you of Justification and stop you going to Hell.

27th May 2024

Do you blame me or yourselves

Basic adult responsibility 

Mi6 mi5 Still blaming me for their actions 27th May 2024

This is their excuse for me to write about. What’s the problem they knew about effect of ben to excuse them to do crime criminal sexual activity 

They say this is so lol something everyone doing the same 

Like they say your pretty face activates something in their brain to do criminal sexual activity 

White house same as mi5 mi6 

Fuck all adult responsibility learn when to say no, self control all that fuck all self control 

  1. Criminals who blame another for their criminal offence

Ignorance of true story of whom is among us, the network who we pay tax to, serial offenders who blame others for their criminal offence

27th May 2024

  1. Who is pig tootsie,
  1. That cloud pic two fingers 
  1. To serve over 100 billion people

26th May 2024

  1. I need to pre-govern take over anyway as Her Majesty and King’s Consent needs 1. neutralising

26th May 2024

.gov is guilty of stepping on my reign and influencing the people under reign while I’m in Neglect not to deceitful 

While they had the time of their life 

Illegally moulding a population to mould my People under a Reign 

while they enjoyed being deceitful 

Dark hair unethical and boyfriend fantasy, towards a King from 1988 that should never happened 

1. How I do this, 

After I win a law case for Worldwide-reign all .com neglect criminal report information is moved aside as standard practise with this level of crime 

And no one worldwide would have known about what happened in terms of abuse

Without intentional forgetting what happened 

They say 

I get the World afterwards yep

Crime abc 

I’m in Neglect if evidence is understood 

I had the World anyway 

They’ve contained a person

Violent boyfriend fantasy, behind my back, while the victim is contained, knowing the victim’s sexual preference 

Be careful of .gov and heavy weight in public All delusion compared to Ben’s worth, if thought about 

Previous behaviour thought it was a law battle 

We have want you want, bf fantasy that I can’t have 



This bf fancy in law court of law would have failed in terms of psychiatric abuse Containing a person before a law case

What is Hell Ben?

The worst.

You wish you hadn’t farted against me.

Expected, fair

  1. It’s part of an anti this population movement. To do this the Wedding picture on my website. All trees Worldwide will be taken down and replaced, everything will be taken down and replaced.
    1. To understand and implement how past pollution with pollution treated ecosystem
      1. The potential in ecosystem, compared to worth.

27th May 2024

  1. Arguably I am the Safest Man Alive, as they are trying to think of other Dangerous Men Alive Dead that match my existence, for me, the Governments Worldwide for the level of Health Earth they have created for over 2000 years

26th May 2024

People may go in doors while the air settles 

How long as cars been running for 

The pollution settles and disperses, heavy 

-Filters over time-

People were Routine, ran by Industrial Revolution to Car 


My previous life until today I now live at 001 John Smith Road 


25th May 2024

Apparently if I make a dime pound or win law it isn’t true otherwise but you keep the cloud pics to yourself 

To message a lawyer 

To message an art gallery 

Apparently the lawyer makes it true God said through him ben

Who am I chopped liver 

Code Red, against Earth chosen.

25th May 2024

The problem is Earth created Ben Earth Chose Ben and where Ben is unbalanced with Earth

Earth fighting back

World Law is Imbalanced for the millionth time

A situation is imbalanced if it’s not equitable or fair.,that%20the%20adjective%20unbalanced%20implies.



valid in equity as distinct from law.

“the difference between legal and equitable rights”


treating everyone fairly and in the same way:

an equitable tax system

25th May 2024

“They want to go to the Holy See Heaven wherever that is” Earth 

Child abuse network 

Guilty therefore hid DNA 2k years, killed Earl of moray, holding a Royal hostage.

25th May 2024

China moving in, Russia Poland and Romania 

Once who is all gone 

The UKGov is too settled as criminals, I am now battling deportation.


25th May 2024

The British Royal Family are too settled as Criminals.

25th May 2024

I’ve been brought on this Planet as Chosen 

A chav 

Knowing I don’t deserve this

But I have to get through the worst to get to the best 

For once we feel a Planet


Ben needs to get through the worst to understand the best. Planet ratio perspective. He knows he is more elegant than this but feels he doesn’t deserve this. He needs to carry on going through the Worst of our past behaviour, knowing we are Planet woken and Earth is a SHIT HOLE from our past

  1. To make people kill people for the right purpose.

To announce people to kill people for the right purpose to protect a Planet is new true behavuour for our future and they pass public law murder charge, how we do it only time will tell.

I can just and it’s taken 36 years.