Save One Life Save Many

Lose one life lose them all.

Save one life save them all.

Lose one live lose them all.

Since 1988.

18+ 21+ criminal report of potential terrorism to body and brain on my own through manmade satellite technology and radio control technology everywhere under coordinates.

Who is too involved with a life threatening all population all living situation as too emotionally involved with me, Jesus christ. For the sake of a story compared to all human life. Draw the line since 1988. Substance abuse public restriction buildings as heroin was pushing luck. Unethical to protect processes under criminal activity 1988. Rushing same but different story speed quantum all goes in notes. Illegal dark hair unethical true story illegal observation of how dark hair criminal observation are selfish worldwide blame who. Date website started 23/november/2023. You have to respond Jesus christ to our criminal plan to notify all eight billion people all governments have been illegal since 1988 and we have been hiding from that and mentally physically abused you to protect our illegal 1988 processes and hide away from justice so we all need to be found since 1988 under hidden from view record and removed from the universe and never return again. Future predictions to create ai story for criminal public interest not for website changed to throw Jesus christ on the street and find my own way with imprinted code do not want inside my brain and struggle to buy time embarrassed they are responsible how many people lives neglect 1988 and changing story to put on website for investigation so go to notes surrender carry on. Regret fb so back on fb and Instagram pretty pictures please all labelled satellite radio control ai brain washing fake robot appearance to no way out raise concern war against nature. Usually one node declares information like met police cliff code name under file neglect case, clear understandable and fly around nodes worldwide as set to different approach just talking to an ai so fly around results in confusing response on purpose to illegally make a hostage response clearly hostage otherwise too regmented so deliberately confuse at the end to script a hostage package theatre clearly hostage from written response trying to be an artist to confuse public also. Now a government set up battle myself public against governments and science worldwide not fair test as apparent obvious signs of brain control. Abuse ai to brain to type for illegal ai Storytelling all written information is forced unethical brain ai gone wrong under passport control 1988. Done upper hand investigation fake brain under passport control brain ai no choice criminal report made to a hostage to write have to ignore and do another way. All upper done to code who has given me an illegal brain i can’t get out for other people to upper hand sort back to holy see producing the biggest legal network mankind for zero face to face law and them to not do law criminal law framed me into face to face rednick as can’t take criminals to prison so other people need to remove without seeing me in person so unjustified upper hand hell punishment need to focus on removing risks to my body as satellite radio control. 33 ad to 1988 present day and back makes everyone upper hand legal criminal against sacredness nasa sake of the universe bash my head around with strong pedo material in my brain quantum as big world to unravel and everyone accepts zero liability and neglect towards sacredness so put illegal technology in my brain as big law trade network to abuse me with what life could have been : I am illegally controlled by ai robots who don’t care about head knocking while others ignore and do their work and react to ai playing with end of planet without supervision: zero reply and helps earth in person causing catastrophic stress to natural science efforts to chose a human being has consequences of producing legal extreme criminals worldwide within freedom of movement public sector and badges governments as self value avoids the situation. Face to face only when others able to throw them on the fire unjustified as need legal paperwork under passport otherwise physically ignore. I am fully legal as ability assigned to public record references with air plane law air. Nature wonders why people ignore as obvious wrongdoing and need to legally go to phsycial prison. Illegal moulding anything everything perfect specim relative to ai show off but abuse unethcial testing all needs taking out and criminals needs to be burnt before justification as too many. Data on top of data or Jesus christ ignorance of law both ? Nature’s threat to human beings volanco floods aeroplanes signals o2 church spire notre dam wild fires stabbings. Holding the planet hostage end of planet film script: why did earth chose one person to protect earth and obvious neglect towards that person with consequences. Knowing neglect obvious signs of struggle love it all in relation risk assessment people responsible cosy warm doing upper hand boring adult law and science cashmere heels tight pants big dicks. Men only earth tone deaf. Against the grain for thirty five years counting why. Who’s left Jesus christ from 1988 shady dangerous never horny but good looking protection with people who struggle porn stars also. Thought full brain control governments would disconnect me from earth tried everything not put natural disasters on media since 2021. Does sound very sacredness to me how unethical government no consent wishes forcing me act a certain way their view on coolness and public life from me by forcing me to sing look a certain way personas dance all Homophobic abuse earth chosen by using manmade technology to imprint code inside my brain and how unethical with reckless intentions works with earth magnetic field anomaly locked in to challenge risk towards myself without visual evidence as upper band over earth magnetic field want something for themselves not been told what to do as no-one managers them hence self value Olympics. No one listening it seems to my point of view as still struggling and seems too many against one person as new hostage interesting situation satellites too much hassle to save one person means air travel and intercom negotiations. All white House prime control game station China. Bizarre news website just a criminal report do my own official news future as want to illegally close down national news worldwide as apparent public and myself abuse for their own gain i do the same I abuse public for news in the future natural ran as legal Jesus christ and the universe is safe anyway away from no consent passport control manmade satellite radio control under passport to body coordinate. Fake illegal brain ai supernatural friends no consent assigned to no consent ai brain mapping worldwide. Brain neuron obsessed clicks inside my head when I move my head and neck constant daily since 2021 on my own public as well. Set up what could go round brain ai public under criminal offence 1988 governments worldwide need to proof take out my brain back to natural biology away from risk carry on be good to start again 1988 and select innocent people in the future myself legal Jesus christ 1988. They want to keep as many hot man as possible get them out of their homes horny again for legal Jesus christ so they can watch on screens via satellites through our eyes set up to talk about vision system risks again eyes to nerves bbc list all under again same but different set up file neglect case. Want to surrender public stand still and focus on myself alive ans well and removing risks people responsible and technology they use. You responsible don’t like earth chosen so want to end earth their way not mine if ever who gave them that idea. Physical shock throwing me across the room wind up and down data to pick myself up obvious brain ai is tired dropping set up to be tired don’t see Ben just a mistake test subject don’t see Jesus christ just a test subject. Quantum robot friends on my own. Keeping me hostage forced into law serious to instant removal without speaking round up population framing innocent people worldwide. Emma Janice brown killer in heels trying to remove David brown hostage earth brain rolls until one day you do carrot stick face to face law.Using a brain ai inside my brain to set up a court case to remove all humans lonely usual : Setting me up obvious win as they want to run and hide obvious win any way from 1988 2021. Set me up overcrowding law illegal from 1988 2021 as all is hostage not to take action plan only to win a hostage court case and overturn earth in my name correct order of succession worldwide and one dictatorship. China done on purpose pass it around for separation view on my race culture skin colour : Easier to keep emotionally seperate. Criminal hostage frizl case not action plan against the law. Same different information website documentation. Hear Emma every day who killed my mother emmmaaaaa her toy no one cars protecting government even though illegal 1988. Website copy needs more want to stop rush. Carry on deflection white House. Run away plan 1988 worldwide. So when I look at apparent suicide options passable phyaical ai abuse stops. Mimic earth magnetic field head knocks fake quantum film ai tech. You responsible is a threat to human race since 1988 and your excuse is stupid. Under passport control the threat to human civilisation with the allure of ai and human interaction is dangerously too high with the conversation how to deal with overcrowding overbreeding as an emergency back up and last minute consent options in the future, what a surprise. Poor me earth ruler legal 1988 ignorance going through the paces for some risk assessment. Helping others get over the porn understand temptation of christ legal term for 33 years. People forget self value what i said moments ago. So much work for never seen before evidence clouds to ability to tobacco around me. Poor silohettes. Question leaving me on own and them doing everything humanly possible but white noise since year 2022 locked in my brain to annoy me for information or a brain ai to stress nature stress earth to keep moving like they know and done it before. Can’t kill myself as brain life support machine worldwide public restricted buildings extreme strangle myself or burn myself to death. Used a brain ai to take away human aspect to myself under passport to test unfair on earth magnetic field and force through into the public so public have no way out criminal subconscious especially from illegal data selling from myself and others 1988. Brain ai brain computer life support machine public restricted buildings don’t care for earth chosen jealous and think well obey to legal worst criminal case mankind spanning out as they think they are illegally assigned no consent to technology in public restricted buildings so obey to crime to set us all free producing quantities of legal criminals who need to face legal court trial and legal physical sentencing since their original paper birth certificate. Amries worldwide responsible for staying put to deliberately respond to a public conflict they wish for intentional history. So all armies worldwide and who they protect surrender to public wishful thinking. Wishful hot men to be removed fuck you to Jesus christ thirty five years hostage no chance in life as theirs is short lives for hell eternity. Brain ai avoids certain aspects to general life as people want something for themselves dependant on investment ai and heavy law. Since 2021 brain ai pulled off twitter second coming jealous 15 mins of fame concept to fortune under 1988 criminal case for all responsible to be convicted as ignorance of correct order of succession apparent Jesus christ here today as low class life was set up to fail for copy cat bible storyline. Subtle no consent brain ai miss my old self. Rushing war with nature since 1988 panic writing algorithm website. People responsible feeling very invisible. All wind up wind down all countless variations to product an illegal supernatural human : Let Ben have some time wind down since wanting to kill himself no stress implications and human race responsible for as no one will know thank you for hell. Is this the upmost language to get some people moving to respond.Cgi battle reset me to human fake. Making me type to lay off information then meet them don’t know you’re talking about lying to protect cowards what to do other people hold the company responsible to shut down the company apparently then runaway secret. Secret underground places worldwide they run and hide to. Dark-hair unethical floppy arse hole made to write erotic story for a change in pace. Set up not letting them get their own way manipulate public with my value notes please manipulate people to get you on my side to help a fellow porn star with earth evidence as they responsible for letting the public think such a way as apparent criminal neglect 1988. See how I write ai same information. Emergency suicide when they fucked a response that stops come clean white House. Use me on my own phsycial abuse to do their last minute economic work tax dash. Plan to get violent manic but intentional ready for the public. Zero human brain. Summary of human beings to give them a chance as people change earth lawfully. A threat from the clouds and Lightening. Earth does have a conscious and that’s me away from risks. Clouds do have a conscious that’s who away from risks. The universe does have a conscious and that’s Benjamin Houghton myself away from risks. To send someone to court for the potential to do wrong is something only we can do but we won’t. To fall in the lapse of these coward brains something earth won’t do. Maybe load of crap to sing song magnetism the natural kind who is in charge earth. Natural Magnetism.

Dailymail it is over. Sweap underneath to single you out. Website story. Could you take the bbc to court? How the BBC tell dailymail and holy see what to do. Police dogs and Human Remains Trafficking. Since when rats. Bbc one government license blackmail TV. Brain ai and Earth Magnetism Field what will I look like. Best of the Best. We all know law. Essex destructive human beings worldwide but on the spot very nervous people with fear. Are they designed to go into fear during their theatrical lives. Talk about invinsibility. Earth’s dangerous makes a change. Makes legal sense most beautiful man in the world. A slip of the tongue trend. Thanks for pushing me so many people assigned to one person he won’t rest thank you. Much appreciated. Dailymail people government tone deaf with bbc way to talk to people. Bbc managing itv. The most beautiful man in the world. Whatever it takes to save earth and recover what was lost from 3300. Extreme tone of voice left right. Whatever it takes he gets stuck in. Heart and soul. Earth. Universe. Amen. Me and nasa vs bbc. How the BBC protects blue Peter on fire. Bbc war Jimmy Saville abuse cases songs of praise contract coverage holy see sex abuse cases Royal family coverage queen’s Kings message Middleton message demographics television data. Channel 4 5 neglect sky news neglect telegraph neglect just dailymail set up to fail obvious guidelines make money for whom. Lord chance and viscount. How the BBC use the dailymail to set up for BBC dailymail right wing aggressive self protection TV addiction what is life requiem for a dream film least who is wealthy and emperors of the world. A drab part of life. Boring high end jobs well paid boring tollerance always used against me. Could you take Swiss law to court? Brain ai Earth Magnetism looking safe law slow into value. Not the white House yet as set up secretly. Swiss China. Job satisfaction reviews go out the door on how much money. Desperate any excuse to get out of that building. Saudi fuel Corner in the world why China secretly. Vatican city stories with the firm to balance. How to corner in the holy see Vatican city Christian growth worldwide stale demographic questionable percentage. Morman Carol Baskin mania billion. Dailymail invest in government. Dailymail influence their population due to their tone of voice snappy women on the phone benefits. Dailymail worst people in the world. Dailymail causing lack of how do you do in the world . Once you’re in the dailymail emperors of the world. Polite and heroin hair what’s the rest of the world going to be like. Journalist knowing everything about you to protect abuse stories cause and effect. Tone deaf tone deaf population. Rename earth tone deaf. I need to risk assessment and declare risks dailymail being emperors bullying and threatening people as they have readership. I will both seeing eyes. As long as dailymail happy then the rest.of the world.isnt. day and Night billie piper. Dailymail science labs worldwide the sun dailystar. Wasting my time.editing hostage information. Set up dailymail fake brain passed around the circuit to wing about them let faggot have his time. Subtle brain ownership pedo gunk in my brain from big penis dailymail ownership and big tits. Hostage dailymail for years. Who runs the world dailymail family fraud and child abuse got rid of sacred holy see old tat lifestyle and tone deaf world of mouth. Now a very careful observation of cause and effect to corner in the holy see Vatican city since 1988 go. Lord rothermere own government horse face know everything about everyone due of lack of moral responsibility and protecting themselves they tell UK what to do plus all intelligence agencies. Stock photos million trillion face value. Undercover stuff. Public mould to tone of voice one government stock photos and billion trillion tone of voice is that we want they do doesn’t seem authentic moulding a fantasy and economic thrust collapse one day which they cause and effect no news everyone is a stock photo and rich self value stubborn population reduces air is toxic. Interrogate nature interesting cause and effect maybe we want this. Draw cheetah sky photo. Draw cat tinfoil cat sky. Lion chocolate sauce spoon. 35 years. Draw quantum brain machine obsessed. Paul stereotype collegen tone of voice. In it together impress low class and favour terrorist upper-middle class yup don’t understand magnetism afterlife consequences close your eyes and see understood. Earth diagram me. Dot trying to control situation. Round up drawings of endless hostage humans vs nature. Abusive network. A6 black shoes jen pavilion. Hard isn’t it to question gov even in the network easier to take down nature. Lazy wink. Paul cliff together collegen penis with my research. Cliff aex positions. Emma. Singing crap and good. Maybe want to see hear earth magnetic field. What’s the problem passport control technology abuse no reply. Pushing me on now everything needs labelling except my art wheres the graphic designer. How does it feel zero reply and one of a kind ability. Fake that reminds me. Draw a6 radio poles worldwide network go for it force you to win. toy satellites hacking. Dragon a6 terrorism embarrassed against nature 35 years. Manipulated afterlife art to manipulate public YouTube videos. Analysed what’s wrong with the world and manipulated my written response to manipulate YouTube video approach keep going being disgusted don’t let crime win holes in the skin eye bogies terrorism videos moody content YouTube all set up Ben. Art daily use satellites. Criminal profile everyone involved. Paul. Bust Jen. Floral skirt. David Bowie. Cunt dragon. Robot stuff fisting. Sucking off antoni wilton Grange hologram. Hostage situation to get me into uni art. Illegal computer brain thoughts. Illegal computer brain glands. Illegal computer brain white matter. Illegal computer brain grey matter. Illegal computer brain nerves. Illegal computer brain neuron. Illegal computer brain hormones. Illegal computer brain stem cells. Illegal computer brain cells. No first class service to help me since year 1988 no cars with flags out the door illegally wanting how do you do ignorance of their brain disorder thinking they are new world leaders. Having to explain myself shows the disorder. Have to wait for negotiations and patient got a sham story. Had to wait for life bucket list to release me from hostage still here thoughts computer thoughts 23/nov/23. Dangerous wanting to cum deep as my number two three four when they don’t give me first class service until 1988 or rush to help don’t understand law. Blame that I am training them extreme criminals thinking public on my side to side kind of but forced into that situation when forget I should be new Palace where does earth live in person all buildings should be gone and mine should be biggest surely otherwise looks odd out of balance who’s that building bigger than Ben’s. Terrorism based Jesus christ life from old films when 2000 years later to show they learn nothing to keep me away for tax goes on thinking why is he keep typing every day. Wild how you all try to manipulate balance vindictive to not be told what to do. Lady in Lidl rough nice regional blonde hair. Putin. What’s the problem public out of control. Public hard to manage dangerous. Self value Olympics worldwide happened slowly subdude independence word of mouth. Through self value Olympics we don’t really want to manage people value ourselves value our independence. One with nature leave him sorry to say what’s the cause and effect liability. What does your contract state. Excuse me arrest you immediately. How very dare you. Who runs the UK government? How very dare you. Potentially too many chiefs… investors branch network advisors civil servings law of bind What do they ministers do. Everyone around the ministers self value Olympics concepts potentially lifts up. Compared to the white House potentially. Lord rothermere forming own government through cryto tell me more. Attention to detail mental physical abuse from the past potential brain shift disturbance causes wide eyed anxiety today with magnetism block me alive and well vs the world population in terms of podium self value concept. Industrial & Commercial Bank of China (ICBC). All historians need a toilet and that look from all them in the mirror vision system nerve to another screen thank you earth, recover first. Rude polite thank you. Earth.


Nerve ending control over thirty seconds to calm down upper-hand last word. Tests to comply with they for self-value Olympics. Thirty five years of i hate this person therefore I hate earth testing. Move away from old people. Too much royal fraud depressive. Man up and leave them as fraud impact on the brain in terms of value is underestimated. Data on top of data testing try buzz word is ptsd for some people devalue of earth evidence speaking to one person. Depressive. Dangerous. Try contact 30granders but exhausted my communication. Take a few years to recover from their they them testing. Supernatural chosen to move on earth for a reason earth personal reasons. It would be an honour to pass away from supernatural. All this work for a penguin suit to go ow that’s too elegant and goes away after far future brave enough to see ben’s work. Self value Olympics. Concrete. Pollution actually rots the brain. Floats brains and spines. Hell advice.

Thank you to The Guardian.

A worldwide intention of observation for health and safety risk assessment worldwide.

Scary. 18+ 21+

Now dealing with eight billion people who live for independency usually heart-felt who be scared of eternity.

For the sake of overcrowding and earth.

They know I am here for reason. Extreme submissive shock worldwide.

How supernatural with cycle theory brings in sense of humour with military signalling.


Universal page cycle through experience. Leaving you earth anomaly disabled public let you have it after deal. Brings together anomaly and overcrowding manmade satellite and brain tech science and ai.

File neglect case apparent of keeping someone hostage when.

Earth or pedo coup including illegal overcrowding coup on earth trying to take down one man all humans.

War against China when China on English America soil against me why mental abuse physical abuse literature nail on the cross tech relation ignorant law 1988. Intentional upper band hostage showing that I am sticking up for China.

Overcrowded world leaders we got contacts.

It’s OK we will sort we got contacts.

Product of the government. Product of the government bonus freedom of movement. Product designs… fat macdonalds woman America. Can I see my design please. No just a saying. What does that mean… used for tax.

Jesus christ shouldn’t be working.
Reincarnation shouldn’t be working.
Supernatural shouldn’t be working.

Jesus christ shouldn’t be working since allure dna ancestry family tree sense present day 2023.

Reincarnation shouldn’t be working since allure dna ancestry family tree sense present day 2023.

Supernatural shouldn’t be working since allure dna ancestry family tree sense present day 2023.

Jesus christ shouldn’t be in debt.
Reincarnation shouldn’t be in debt.
Supernatural shouldn’t be in debt.

What mi6 spent on since 1988 mi5 1988.

Anything upper hand is illegal since : Jesus christ shouldn’t be working since allure dna ancestry family tree sense present day 2023 : prison or pass away.

Prove it. Yes I am Jesus christ a natural death sentence.

The look of short life span vs the long of longevity. What we find attractive is safety proven and what you find attractive terrorist products a god artist impression in London. Shorter than some Instagram models and had to work hard at challenging bigger men so not understand law. Raised the question who thought this god artist impression was the height should be, legal deities legal nature gods legal nature devil. Many people wish for me to go due to emotional stress waiting by the clock. Someone earth chose and you are on earth. Did earth pic you the same earth picked me… someone earth chose and you want that person to pass away from emotional stress and/or depression. Surrounded.

By humans, who are not designed for earth.

Why do you want to get rid of earth chosen without saying surrender. What’s inside your brain that wants me to go? A murder in your subconscious… Silently responsible for the mass removal of all human race.

Toxic gas in humans turning into clay.

It’s wild how humans treat earth.

It’s they walk on the ground but they don’t care earth. Black squares looking down onto earth solid.

Wants me to go to heaven you to go to hell and remove earth. Wild.

Longevity look slow changes. To keep me safe.

Why does their need to be a science comparison obviously something against.

God artist impression by terrorists. The universe never bows down to illegal activity.

Richard to blame for all this. But everyone consented. To do an artist impression of god but knowing my DNA backlash violence against the real one. They want an artist upper hand comparison thinking spot difference to compare skills then it comes in have they done it before legally. In terms of legal god nature god legal devil nature devil etc. Lord rothermere’s wife said let’s test if the universe is responsible. She must a literally universe inside of her because hers is responsible and the one she is comparing potentially isn’t, but she’s in the universe she is testing. She has a different universe in physics inside of her. For that statement she must have a substantial weight of physics inside of her making her own observable universe theory legal. You have some kind of space inside of you separate to the universe. Some men can be really vindictive and as soon as they about to go they are really scared someone said take the man out of them. What I am doing is taking out this physics. I don’t care the scared after. This physics talks. This bubble of physics talks. Forget it. We get it. Surrender. Catastrophic.

Walking off and forgetting you just removed earth catastrophic as the brain just moves on away from the public. Able to remorse already.

We know your subconscious since 1988. Dangerous vindictive.

When you talk you manipulate coordinates worldwide manmade satellite and radio control. A threat to human nature why are you still alive.

Let’s test if the universe is responsible. Makes sense testing the universe and testing nature. A separation.

Why is it so hard to release a hostage? More fool you and the universe for getting yourself in that situation. Proud of my universe compared to yours. What’s the problem.

Whatever the situation they have potentially struck a deal with law to release a hostage over manmade satellite and radio control to myself, controlling my ever move. To leave me disabled in public with a timer in my brain. Hopefully to release certain aspects of terrorist intention as time moves on. Spacetime. Visual appearance. Needs tagging as fake. Needs watermarking as fake. Needs watermarking as brain ai manipulation. Everyone wants to end earth all of a sudden. End earth because they are unhappy with their jobs. Without challenge. Lazy and self value. Stubborn. Clay.

I am still alive. Thank you to Mi6. So far. Dangerous situation. Mi5…

The Universe has put us all in a dangerous position. Keep going Universe savour. Jesus christ, reincarnation is still the most dangerous man in the world. Against eight-billion people. Just on the cuff for arrest and investigation after investigation after my hard work. One person does the work. Another acts upon and removes risks. Feels empowered. Wants to take down the horse that feeds them.

Thank you to the Military however letting people in and out puts them at risk. Badge of honour.

The ease of investigation the whole buildings needs yellow tape due to in and out shake it all about.

North Korea P network is wild to me. Over.

A man shaking a baby is clearly personal problems. The baby’s life is over before it has began. The consequences on the world. Self-value Olympics.

Does Jesus Christ ever get arrested.