Pro Earth Case

Pro Earth Case To Act Upon Personal Feelings towards your own life to promote your own personal change.

Without Punctuation. A technique to use thoughts to help encourage tiredness.

Pro-Earth Case:


Heaven on Earth; to clean fones remotely; overall Happiness for Everyone on Earth.

Wire in Remote and Auto change device to suit their Happiness.

While they are using the Fone.


  1. Violent where I’m from; this is just erm….


  1. Creating your own HeaVen away from Benjamin Houghton alive and well; it all collapses. Never used; its weird

The Universe Play{s} you like a fool for Overall Risk Assessment.

  1. The Universe Play{s} you like a fool for Overall Risk Assessment.


“Everything in space and time”

“Mass (ordinary matter)”

“At least 1053 kg”


Supernatural being

“Gods” redirects here. For the monotheistic concept of a supreme being, see God. For the word, see God (word). For other uses, see Gods (disambiguation).

“Divine person” redirects here. For the theological term used in Christian theology to denote a divine person, see Prosopon.

A deity or god is a supernatural being considered to be sacred and worthy of worship due to having authority over the universe, nature or human life. The Oxford Dictionary of English defines deity as a god or goddess, or anything revered as divine. C. Scott Littleton defines a deity as “a being with powers greater than those of ordinary humans, but who interacts with humans, positively or negatively, in ways that carry humans to new levels of consciousness, beyond the grounded preoccupations of ordinary life”.;

“Representación Ixchel (izquierda) e Itzamná (derecha) en la Montaña Sagrada previo a la creación del mundo. Copia de un respaldo de trono labrado en piedra caliza. Cuenca del río Usumacinta, Chiapas. Clásico tardío. Museo Amparo, Puebla.”;

“I Don’t Want To Go To Hell.”;

“I Don’t Want To Go To Hell.”; there’s a problem in the Universe but I’d like to invite you ask one, why do you want to go to Hell?.

One School;

  1. One School; Worldwide.

And it has a Cambridge logo on it.

That’s all you need..

Is the School called Cambridge…


  1. How the picture of me with a picture of open fat surgery; over time will stop surgery.

The Power of the Mind.

The Story of the First Universe.

  1. The tribalz of the first universe; as per.


“The Story of the First Universe; as per. I’ll Go Through Them All.”

a natural rudeness; gives everyone life.

How One Speak{s}.