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“Act of God”

“In legal usage in the English-speaking world, an act of God or damnum fatale (“loss arising from inevitable accident”) is a natural hazard outside human control, such as an earthquake or tsunami, which frees someone from the liability of what happens. An act of God may amount to an exception to liability in contracts (as under the Hague–Visby Rules), or it may be an “insured peril” in an insurance policy. In Scots law, the equivalent term is damnum fatale, while most Common law proper legal systems use the term act of God.”

Storm Malik costs mount, and businesses and houses take the brunt

Boy and woman killed by falling trees as Storm Malik batters UK | ITV News

Nine-year-old boy and woman killed by falling trees as Storm Malik batters UK

Storm Malik batters the UK

Storm Eunice: 122mph record winds batter UK

Extreme weather | Ireland to UK in a hurricane

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Crazy Storm #Eunice in the Netherlands and the UK 2022, February 18 // Stay Safe!

Storm Eunice brings down a large tree in Cornish town centre: ‘I caught that on video’

Storm Eunice strikes UK with 120mph winds, causing widespread damage

Storm Eunice: Death and damage across UK

Storm Eunice could cost more than £350m as clear-up begins

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Second red warning 18/02/22

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Storm Eunice: Blown-off roof causes train delays and lorry filmed overturning on motorway in Oxford

Storm Eunice tears down power station chimney

The Moment Life-Threatening STORM Eunice Struck

storm eunice takes down church spire

Church Spire Falls : Storm Eunice – Wells, Somerset : BRIEF EDIT -18th February 2022

Incredible Moment When Church Spire Collapses Due To Storm Eunice

Spire Falls Off Church In Storm Eunice

St Thomas’ Church, Wells – Spire Restoration pt 5 4K

Mundesley cliff top landslide

Cliff Fall Mundesley Dec 2021

Cliff fall at Mundesley beach

Seaside homes left dangling on cliff edge after huge landslide in Norfolk, UK | SWNS

People urged to avoid area after cliff collapse in Norfolk