Lord Rothermere

A thank you to Lord Rothermere for letting have a sinner smile with the population knowing adult complex issues. Good bye. Me and The Guardian two seperate entities. The Guardian should celebrate. Listen. It may take a while in this crypt. Universe is heavywithoneperson. Funnel. Tunnel. Worm. Anomaly to anomaly worm hole. Is there any other supernatural world. Legal demon stays assigned to gravity to anomaly here on Earth. Legal life on another planet wormhole. If you were Ben how would you do law from 1988. Respectfully.

America need to look after their staff more getting like old China. Abuse this opportunity to yes ma’am. Take it or leave it really.

Maybe worm hole heaven since when. Maybe physics. No harm. Slow and steady wins the race. Speed up one person one earth. Go.

Posh Dominant Paedophiles who are Proud

A paedophile is a paedophile so rope it

  1. Offspring from Paedophile families need to be detained under the Mental Health Act.