Lord Nebula, Where Does He Get His Ya Know, From?

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eagle_Nebula#/media/File:Eagle_Nebula_from_ESO.jpg; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eagle_Nebula

Is this is why he is so sharp, can’t earth be as sharp? upper hand leave him we know the answer NASA and Police, least you put it, wondering why you were so sharp. done. MORE INTELLIGENT THAN YOU! carry on. they are Happy.

  1. People think they are more intelligent than Earth for a short-life span, People think they are intelligent than myself, Earth for a short time resulting in a short life span.
    • So what’s the answer, Earth?
      • Wink. You were missing Evidence from when you posted two years ago on your own and you’re still on your own considering. Use it anyway more Evidence and people just pass away Sacredness Worldwide adds to the Suicide Short-life span celebration, pedo network.
  1. People forget I am connected to Earth’s Magnetic Field that is Core to Sky Core to Atmosphere.
    • Bound by Earth’s Magnetic Field, plus this as well nice to add, yep. Is it Wrong? NASA.

People have given up. Danger.

A dangerous time for me, legally.