“Heaven”on EarthPlan

  1. People just want to see the Art.

Question and confirm maniacs manic depressives who destroy the Planet and want to destroy it again and label the new feeling the new change over the new look and feel the new physical template to happen, “Heaven on Earth.” by God. They are all diagnosed manic depressives avoiding medical examination and official diagnosis and treatment.

After all this my hand to ability live becomes grounded order world-wide, paparazzi-Tutankhamen-allure grounded, to result in an improved response time, a grounded order worldwide towards risk: A grounded right and wrong worldwide: Complete “Heaven” on Earth.

“Heaven”onEarth: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1WoXK79DFNgjO47lGw0dXZsCityPPtV4-

I don’t use Hell in the Future, cos

Michael Jackson – Earth Song (Official Video)