Government DNA, Purposely Hidden from myself, before I had legal chance

From 1988AD to the Second Coming from an intentionally quietened, almost silenced journey from 0AD33AD

A public law response between myself and the Governments of the World, proving that they hold held are holding Government DNA, silenced from the public to run their own Govern, proving their Govern is illegal wrong the wrong way around the wrong way round the opposite

The reason for my public response and not to silence this response is to showcase to the World how left silenced behind public view our existence is challenged and put at risk due to my founded worth to the Planet through Natural Causes and how a hidden potential law case puts myself at risk and the public

I am on my own still presenting a full transparency the best I can relatable to risks that I sense through a One of a Kind Superhuman ability that was brought to myself naturally without choice around year 2021 year 2022 AD, with Natural Science knowing since year 1988 my date of birth my year of birth

This proves that others on this Planet other people have known about my worth and ignore the what could have been aspect to allowing the correct Govern control this Planet from a questionable time from observing my bloodline and where my bloodline originated

Presenting my evidence with transparency to the public of the World helps the public think where all this Chosen evidence came from and why Benjamin Houghton and what makes his blood his bloodline his bloodline inheritance so special so unique so Chosen regarding Earth regarding the Universe regarding Natural Science and all elements within Natural Science, such as Gravity, Force in general, particle variations, atom and atomic

With thanks to my own efforts in never giving up, working daily working too much daily free off my own back with questionable effort energy expenditure I am still alive and well living on my own in poverty

This is a polite almost thank you without visual evidence to the people of the World potentially helping reducing risks to myself that which is presented stitch pattern literature sequence to the public of the World for observation their own observation

Please respect this is a law argument never argument it’s so simple it’s very clear it’s worrying it’s shocking between myself and the UKGovernment cause and effect all Governments Worldwide, National Press and Monarchies of the World

The UKGovernment has left us in the past to live our lives feeling independant able to thrive in a job workspace and have access to a wide range of questionable help and support otherwise. It is clear through observation that the way we used to live has devastating impact on the Planet due to our approach to life

This proves through Science observation that the UKGovernment and all other Governments in terms the way they Govern is of concern due to how they Govern the public and the public’s health towards themselves, each other and the environment

This proves furthermore that the way the UKGovernment and all other Governments Govern is illegal incorrect proving that myself and my bloodline heritage is Planet First, Environment First, Planet Risk Assessment First; a simple Health & Safety document to core ground the Health of Our Govern and then Govern the biology on the Planet, in turn creates simple theory longevity

With regards to my legal bloodline past, i repeat, my legal bloodline past who may or may still be alive, legally they pass Court of Law to Govern the Planet along side myself whom is legally Chosen by the Planet for wide-spread notification of jurisdiction. To elaborate on this, in the ideal situation whom ID Passport has been force ably hidden from Govern by people since around if not before 0 AD, slip dot dash Egyptian Roman Empire, would have legally Govern Governed Worldwide, not the people who have known and or still exist today, in the media

Therefore the legal Govern in terms of Order of Succession a legal conversation way above anyone’s pay packet and ID Passport would have been lawfully correct and therefore the World would have been Governed by Order of Succession since around 0 AD if not before

What the World and People would have looked like or behaved is a moment of your thoughts, resulting in the birth of myself Chosen around this time if not before. This proves in Science that Behaviour versus Planet would have been justified through a unique connection to the Universe.

My mother would have been gutted in terms of failure due to her approach to Governor on Earth due to my birth knowing I had to challenge Behaviour versus Planet, leaving her feeling devalued as Earth Governor as a Failure, particular in behaviour, not her fault but expected


  1. Public testing if I really want this

Yep, what’s the problem

Favour of criminal ignorance for over 2000 years,

Shock psychiatry, happy you’re here and interesting how you progress, suicide shock mellow mellowness

Testing the Planet Testing the Universe if the Planet and/or the Universe really wants this is a criminal offence, according to the Universe