Giza War, An Opportunity to Overlap To Prove Waste of Time, To Sort Waste Land

A reason to overturn in the future, a boring plan but safe, what do I think about that? Safe to Whom? The Guilty The Guilty’s Contained Depression Brain Human Brain, a survival instinct of the brain; the brain goes into in to slow shock containment a force field to protect itself as its containment overall is depressed

A reason for Neglect since year 1988

What the brain does to protect itself from year 1988, focusing on World Leaders, a medical examination under Bipolar Bipolar Disorder

  1. War Psychiatry, the People who are Pro War.

The End for Some, protesting then go, biology on the floor apparently, they are not interested in God but keep me in Neglect

Earth, a bizarre ignorance in the public, true, threatening a chosen team to not be ignorant whom I ignore.

Sat 1 Jun 2024 16.55 BST

Benjamin Netanyahu insists on Hamas ‘destruction’ as part of plan to end Gaza war

Mon 27 May 2024 18.39 BST

Global shock after Israeli airstrike kills dozens in Rafah tent camp

Thu 1 Feb 2024 18.54 GMT

The Guardian view on Gaza’s devastation: the suffering won’t end when war does,The%20Guardian%20view%20on%20Gaza’s%20devastation%3A%20the%20suffering%20won,t%20end%20when%20war%20does&text=War%20deaths%20are%20not,in%20the%20aftermath%20of%20conflict.