From King to a Criminal on Our Bank Notes




“I’ll be your fantasy, I’ll be your enemy.” Earth.

  1. Blaming Earth for adult responsibility, too risky to dangerous as their criminal offence is too great.

“I’ll be your fantasy, I’ll be your enemy.” Universe.

  1. The UK is Guilty of Unless I Declare, they live off the evidence not owning the evidence themselves. Extremely dangerous behaviour messing with the greatest law. Risk Assessment towards the Greatest Law assigned to a Planet like Jupiter, such as the greatest law on Jupiter if Jupiter had a person assigned to it to live on Jupiter, that person would have the Greatest Law assigned to that person.

  1. Question a set up plan by criminals who own neglect criminal offence to ask a Forensic “Expert” Planet in person to give me a certificate that I am connected to Earth via Air 1. To Make It True.

Another, 1. New Science by Earth, In Person, Communicating to the World, On My Own Alive and Well,

  1. Why is Earth the Most Dangerous Planet in The Solar System.
  1. Why is Earth More Dangerous Than The Sun.

Can you explain Everything while under illegal Neglect under observation under Illegal term Electronic Device Hacking,

Everything in terms of story from split beginning to forever end. Then see what happens by Fritzl Psychiatry UK.

  1. “He could be talking absolute CRAP.” as they suddenly feel they are easily persuaded by the victim in a shed concept and step away back to tactics.
    • 7th June 2024.

Mass Effect 3 LE – Menae (Burning Palaven),
  1. Angels Going Into In to Blackhole.

Silhouette form. From Clouds From Paintings.

Mass Effect 3 LE – Tuchanka: City Ruins (Ambience & Exploration Themes),
  1. Egyptian World Collapsing.
    • Atmospheric Pressure,
      • Atomic Bomb Theory Just Blow Up As Per Atomic Bomb but Don’t See The Bomb in The Distance just Blow Up With Pressure.

Everything Went.

Everything went into in to The Black Hole.

The Pressure, created a reverse in reverse inwards law.

The Pressure, created enough impact on the opposite to create this Universe.

When one closes another starts.


Everything we created was destroyed by The Circle, Universe.

P/ssed Off.

I watched.

I wasn’t like this.

  1. Jesus Edward II


  1. Light Particle.

The First Light Particle,

Following on from;

“Particles and Dust attract attract a mate due to one being negative and one being positive, even a slight difference in size and we have a positive and negative attraction, it could be the same element, due to when the first thing is created, when the first particle is created, it was impossible to create the same size particle again, due to pressure surrounding the first particle.

And there we have the start of law of attraction.”

Mass Effect 3 LE – London (Ambience),

How Large? Are You Here? Atomic Universe



I’m slow.

O — U — T O — F C — O — N — T — R — O — L.



We suffer from A Dot Dot Situation where Ben is Living.

Government, property it’s a constant war zone.


Protecting Where Ben is Living.


Mass Effect 3 LE – London (Ambience),


Mass Effect 3 LE – London (Ambience),
  1. We are Angels. We look at the War Zone Down Below.

It interests us, crime eyes, interesting psychiatry.

  1. Ben is creating War within the UK and on other environments such as a Multiverse.

  1. I’m too. Judgemental with a Glass of Red.

  1. & That’s Heaven Protection.

  1. Gives Entity a Break.

  1. Gives Entity a Break From Father.


Mass Effect 3 LE – London (Ambience),
  1. Gives Entity a Break From Being Constraint.

Happy Constraint Tough.

We Sometimes Go to No Man’s Land.

and Heaven and Hell came together collapsed.

Due to Sway. A Natural Occurrence of Copy Cat Hormonal Behaviour For One’s Survival Due to Environmental Survival Instincts.

I meet a person under pressure to succeed to copycat his behaviour to out win his confidence. I naturally copy his appearance due to pressure needing to survive. Caused by the Environment. In all Occurrences. Always the Case of Survive to Succeed Situations In a Lifetime,

I win and I copy his behaviour to mix in with the work crowd to succeed for my own survival.


We Turned Into Spiders.

He was The Greatest Serpent Spider of All. Who Sucked Everything In. Black Hole.

Sucked Everything In. Great Black Hole. Reversed To Create This One, Due to Great Pressure.