Football Hooligan Manager


Website created on a mobile phone and opportunity to walk to a free public computer at a distance. Links transparent for ease of investigation transparency to give them no reason to question and put myself in a difficult situation; food for questioning when they are already in the know; upper hand behaviour when I am no proof but content will pick up on Intelligence systems worldwide otherwise what is life.

BBC Documentary: Hooligans – No One Likes Us (Episode 1/3)

Ben is surrounded present day 1988 to 2021 2022 2023 AD on going by Supremacy Enforcement labelled under Terrorism Act in the UK. A new understanding of Terrorism on the other side to what we have learnt in the past. They respond stating “there’s not hope for any of us Ben.” what’s the problem in terms of root-cause behavior, blackmailing eternity after criminal behavior to start with to get themselves into a better place after they pass away.

A full understanding on this person’s perspective approach to the situation; evidence presented he, alive and well is surrounded by supremacy terrorism act of level 5 to 6 legal legal court order announced by Benjamin Houghton a UK citizen national UK citizen due to the vague lack of transparency due to his worth and presenting his worth to the world public worldwide. There are many reasons we are under a supremacy dictatorship for a reason to hide what is rightfully his for a reason to control another unlawfully. DNA mismatch is swayed over; evidence to support we are under control of what is rightfully ours since a questionable time.

I am against terrorism act level 5 supremacy who bully a person for a website to suit their wants and needs not the owner of the website wants and needs.

BBC Documentary: Hooligans – Kicking Off (Episode 2/3)

Is this Hell, or a Gateway to “Heaven”: “Don’t Know Don’t Care.” Supremacy Act T5 Act Court Order Supreme Court Order Worldwide; T5ActLevel5: a change in behaviour daily. YOUR’RE PROMOTING THIS BY THIS FUCKING ART. No. They are responsible for their own behaviour and blame others for their actions blaming others for existing. They are easily swayed by symbols art emblems…. DELETE THIS PLEASE; under dictatorship to cover up their behaviour after shouting at the situation; promoting potential risk towards the public. DELETE THIS PLEASE. No. You need to surrender you all under T5TerrorismAct Supremacy from AlQ/al qaeda Learning. You need to learn to leave your operation and walk away.

The myth of the supremacy of the UK parliament

They spoilt it for themselves and they are spoiling it for everyone else and want me to delete all their behaviour getting away with T5ActLevel5 Terrorism Supremacy Act.

Double Agent: Inside Al Qaeda (2015)

Supremacy Terrorism Act Level 5 Body Fat Guilty of “Leaky Penis.” Hormonal Lack of Control towards feeling{s} towards Benjamin Houghton, a UK Citizen of a particular look and personality. “I love him so much.” An open invitation to come to bed with them naked feet out. It’s a set up isn’t it; Ben’s the best person for the job; why; Chosen One assigned to lack of control Supremacy Hooligans in the UK; who need to learn to calm down put on some basic clothes and control their behaviour run of the mouth towards myself and towards another, especially whom; everyone.

Moment Indian student who thought he was meeting 14-year-old girl

If this person was born into priceless wouldn’t you change the world with this person alive and well face to face? You have to work for it. What’s the problem.


India’s prostitution villages | DW Documentary

CARRY ON. IT’S TOO COMPLEX BEN. CARRY ON. What’s the problem. T5 Supremacy Act not paying attention and causing a threat to my personal health safety concern in terms of risk in terms of low intelligence thick bracket not paying attention to what the victim has to say just a particular intention to take down a person without a full understanding why.

Why is football violence rising in Europe?

T5ActTerrorismAct5 level 5 Court legal Court under labelled Supremacy want wanted me to leave “slash” here to promote fear towards public towards myself notice how links are kept inconsistent based on Supremacy Level5 act of Terrorism towards the public national public World Public Population to promote unnecessary feeling towards Benjamin Houghton and themselves. They based themselves off feeling and sway from law which that we have to adhere to daily. I am threatened by white horny police officers on my tone towards their Supremacy Act T5 Act of Crime towards labelled Supremacy under threat to tone down voice town down tone of language otherwise horny physical appearance coming towards myself; a new realization towards a way of life used to be way of life who sway from grounding human rights human ethics law worldwide to value hormonal feeling towards another. “Let’s come together in Peace.”. THERE I SAID IT. They are not allowed to speak. Level 6 TActLevel6 They are not allowed to speak, talk, they are allowed to breathe and wear basic clothing and be fed by straw when advised. Extreme yes but they are out of control behaviour risk towards myself, Benjamin Houghton who is designed to keep this planet safe, especially under the feet of Level5raised to Level 6 Act of Terrorism People Within the UK United Kingdom, Worldwide “understood.” “is this real?” /nod/ from Counter-terrorism building{s} within the UK. What do you want us to do? You need to remain calm talk off your clothes, your uniform AYE excuse me let me finish you’re under Level5Level6 TTerrorismAct You need to take off your clothes and put on slack basic clothing and remain calm as your uniform promotes unnecessary hormonal attitude towards another towards another member of the public. Speaking from another officer, it works.

Supremacy behaviour takes a while to adjust due to thick biology relationship in terms of intelligence understanding; they whinge and moan after shouting and trying to fight back OK LET US ADJUST OK LET US ADJUST IT WILL TAKE A WHILE. Please stop talking kneel down and take moment to control your thoughts.

English Hooligans Caused Mayhem In Euro 2020 Final

Supremacy Act Level 5 Surrendering That I am an Artist with Artistic Style Artistic Freedom of Expression; what’s the problem. SOUNDS WILD!

Warning Worldwide Concern Terrorism Act Level 5 Do not Care for Forensic Evidence of Concern; lack of Hormonal Control; personal feelings Ben that’s all staring at me; usually a man with bodyfat percentage from the UK United Kingdom No Ben England Flag fucking concept whatever. OK! SO WHAT DO YOU WANT US TO DO. So stop what you’re doing kneel on the floor and take a moment to relax and gain brain control.

The public is surrendering to God’s way of Presentation and aggie angry behaviour I am so elegant from another Planet, pissed off a low-class person is better than, what’s the problem. Surrender Surrender Surrender

Under T5 New announcement The Police don’t like being dictated to. No. Otherwise what happens? Is there another way of doing it? Unfortunately approach to public safety public control Terrorism Act of Misbehaviour to threaten a person’s personal safety concern has to be Observed. We don’t like being dictated to, the public, does The Police have a dictator law to lawfully dictate to the public Worldwide, No.

T5 Terrorism Act labelled Supremacy: “We know you’re under stress.” “Can you calm down your act of violence towards white people.”. What’s the problem with this statement; they are hard to manage and otherwise out of control run of the mouth Supremacy behaviour towards another towards a member of the public; they frame people who they find threatening to their personal way of life to savour their lifestyle another finds threatening to their personal safety. Ben has to control the situation otherwise Supremacy run of the mouth without thinking takes over the population control and therefore the World.

T5 Supremacy Act “We are Not Paying Attention On Purpose.” why. Because. Feels good to HUNT YOU DOWN BEN WITHOUT REASONING BECAUSE WE ARE SO BLONDE WHITE THICK AND WHITE FANNY FORESKIN SUPREMACY ACT. Too advanced for us we don’t even try to understand but we have brought in to judge you Supremacy T5 Public Threat Concern. Wanted me to go down to their level who are they; just white blonde favour Supremacy public controllers who Watch Football was that slander towards another Supremacy Act person, yes.

T5 Supremacy Act Labelled Supremacy under Court of Law; White Fanny Foreskin Yep. Why are you black or something. Thick Intelligence run of the mouth Hormonal disorder Run of the Mouth assigned to Sex Glands without control grounding Run of the Mouth Hormonal Control Concern; assigned to Learning Loops due to Run of the Mouth freedom; getting away with it; getting away with loud Run of the Mouth behavior assigned to Lifestyle associated with Supremacy.

We have plenty of AlQ/Al Qaeda/ALQAEDA criminal profiling and Ben here, is doing his own profiling with Supremacy as there’s so many of you!. WOWOWWOWOW blonde weight female football husband. Understood. Lack of brain control.

A fellow Supremacy person; why so terroristic to swindle them us on your side. They are bit down in the grut. Whatever that means. MAN Up! We’ll Stop. We’re UNTD. Never City LOL. Liverpool YEA. Glasgow FUCKING WHAT. YEAH. What do you think about Hooligans Ben. Larger Spell Lager R US. Welcome you manage us then. Have it large leave it with us. Fucking Puff MAN Up. We’ll calm down, had our time. What’s the future of Football, so yeah. What do you want me to do here. Dunno just chill. We will calm down on the Trolley’s Trolleys. Are we going to get into in to trouble, No. Someone has to manage you.

Bear with me while I keep working on my website and homework.

Are we going to Hell. Doubt it. Multiverse or something start from a plant.

Are we going to Hell? This is Hell on Earth. Get Used. Where do you feel like you’re going.?

Become the First Trillionaire: Trillionaire Mindset Explained [Step-By-Step]

“Bored with their cash.”

ISIS throws gay men off buildings

An Approach from which that bothers a biology of supremacy relation to a Planet the biology is on; Apparent understanding of personal value.

… ready for it? TS | The Eras Tour (Taylor’s Version) is now streaming on Disney+.

Question of Caucasian influences another in terms of jealous traits in behaviour

The Surprisingly Racist History of “Caucasian” | Decoded | MTV News

Minorities Compared to Caucasians

Persian influence on Caucasian regions

Humanity and the Influence of Caucasian Christian Capitalist Coercion

How The Caucasian Race Was Created

Who Exactly is a “Caucasian?”

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Political media’s bias, in a single chart

What can DNA tests really tell us about our ancestry? – Prosanta Chakrabarty

How We Get Our Skin Color | HHMI BioInteractive Video

The De-Population Bomb

Racial population 1AD to 2100AD of World

World Population – History & Projection (1820-2100)

UAE threats to control the rest of the World started with Ancient Iranian Battles with Surrounding Countries, with the development of the Industrial Revolution, India and UAE became Energy Suppliers

To gain control over unstable civilizations in need since the Industrial Revolution UAE with the Quran developed extremist religious settlements linked and associated with power in terms of powerful control

The World Intelligence by Wikipedia understanding has have been negotiating with Extremist Groups on behalf of UAE for the sale of oil so we can have a cup of tea have the potential to have a cup of tea

As the population increases and develops from an historic past, few use alterations of terrorist groups, thinking you’re so smart including World Intelligence itself.

To keep UAE happy

Few of IQ challenge struggle the spelling of such terrorist groups, potentially raising concern they are doing this intentionally to hide notes, communication from technology that picks up how many times you’ve said a word, phrase or sentence also how you also tonally spoken to another

Thank you to these departments Worldwide for giving one a chance, challenging another in the process

Benjamin has been picked up with World Intelligence Technology since 1999 1999AD and has been in and out shake it all about with these departments ever since for the greater development of overall safety

List of designated terrorist groups

Islamic terrorism


Listed terrorist organisations

Including Australia

Terrorist Organizations

Including CIA

Using code to communicate intention to another is a threat that you’ll learn to move on with your lives