Father Absence


Benefits of father absence

Whether Ray Hodgson was told to leave for a reason for intentional brain shift for a lack of care towards thoughts and opinion.

Under sacredness to sacredness 0 ad to 33 ad, I, myself have been under potential intelligence negligence observation to learn from a brain shift benefit to lack of care towards thoughts and opinion for benefit of psychiatry papers reports Worldwide; resulting that all psychiatry reports towards public data and research is technology illegal wrong because of how this person is in the correct order of succession since 0 Ad; to elaborate how the royal legal bloodline was pushed back of the queue over 5 bloodlines on purpose, benefiting others resulting in poor, stressed moody illegal science to favor the public and not the correct legal royal order of succession.

How illegal data is used to evolve the future of our human evolution human population and how this will cause depression and incorrect understanding on how humans should live correctly.

A lack of understanding of Father Absence and law understanding Benjamin Houghton’s forensic evidence he presents.

The Egyptian Diamond: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1mtnc3bzw9xBy4eWuN2dj52O2x__iLlDp

“The Pharaohs”

“In the time of the Pharaohs, 3000BC, a diamond was placed in the middle of the ankh – a cross with a loop on top. This was the Egyptian hieroglyph meaning life. Diamonds represented the sun, symbol of power, courage and truth.”


The Father is Here therefore No Need to Be Absent From Father Anymore.