Earth Radiation Alert

  1. I am putting Earth under Radiation Alert, the Highest Level since records began

I have the evidence to support I am 100% in relation to Earth

I have the evidence to support I am 100% in relation to Earth itself.;

To a surprise from the guilty, they knew I was connected to Earth since a questionable year and “proper went for it” for the best earth data possible interesting how Earth magnetic field moves people in the know of my situation, in the eyes of people observation knowing I can’t see, guilty of containment, wanting to own Science themselves knowing myself, is Science.

To Elaborate, people have understood I am connected to Earth in poverty, they observed criminals “proper going for it” and excuse their investigation to Earth’s Magnetic Model behaviour at it’s worst, knowing I can’t see, saying that’s it’s too much for Ben’s eyes, “he’s too elegant”

They stepped on my shoulders stepped on my feet stepped on my toes to possessed want to own science themselves in terms of jealousy that I am connected to earth and being on soil they wanted to be in the know observing situations for their science allure

They are guilty of stepping on my shoulders to bring the future to a science backed world, containing the person connected to earth so they can panic own science themselves – for some kind of team in the future for a science-backed human population, but the psychiatry is they rushed in to observe behaviour for themselves wanting to own some kind of science observation, knowing I am purposely constraint in poverty regarding my worth, putting themselves first not mine

  1. They ignore crime, pedo behaviour under Secrecy Act

What it takes to get a Depression Fix

knowing who i am and what i look like.

Since year1988AD

Earth, Myself/Anomaly/NaturallyChosenByEarth, LessThan, World Population