Centre of the Universe vs! Centre of the Universe

1. Lord of the Cross

If force waste of the Universe created a Routine on Earth that which killed myself on a Cross to be hosted by myself in Neglect

1a. Survival Techniques vs! Chemical Waste of the Universe

1b. The Universe in Person, an Anomaly Defect created by the survival chemical sequence of the Universe that stressed the vibration of the Universe, realising over time, with the 13th May 2024 Atomic per One Unit of the Universe legally came into in to a Consent Policy, a Consent Policy in Physics is avoided due to non-stoppable physics

Where the chemical sequence in binary but per two bound and wastes an Anomaly, a weaker substance that is lawfully forceably weakened by the natural strength the natural law strength of the binary chemical sequence, causing a natural-law consent policy to cause a input-process-output consent policy of not strength but force of consent to strengthen the Universe

To strengthen the Universe through consent of force, creating a secondary consent policy to remove waste of the Universe through Natural Order of Everything to result in a Healthier Universe

The Story Until Now

Evil takes your left side. On your right side is the person trying to solve get rid of Evil.

Once you found peace within yourself, take the rough with the smooth

Benjamin Houghton was born Benjamin Hodgson with a good heart. He meant well from the root.

He, I took the rough with the smooth