Car Volume Routine Volume Who What Is Running Our Routine?

Code Red Horror

“It’s proper dangerous Planet stuff this.”

After dedication to understanding, you may hear outside the velocity, speed of what is driving our cars throughout the Planet

Thank you for your efforts since year 2022 “Second Coming” The Universe is something we have read about and watched such as “Alien” “Alien Trilogy” and Earth is something we have lived on but not something we have felt before

Ben has the ability to help people feel the Universe feel Earth, something never done before;

Teenage driver crashes into lorry during 100mph police chase

Moment teen hijacks police car and leaves trail of destruction during 100mph chase

Taking about the such and such, is nice, but will it get me from A to B? Quickly.;

office timelapse 720p

Time-Lapse: 72 Hours of Air Pollution in Shijiazhuang

Correct, but misinterpreted as we have done it to ourselves, Pollution, a Nuclear War to ourselves. How Pollution is secondary the worst addiction in the World to cause a Routine, to cause a questionable routine

Plastic Pollution in Manila, Philippines

How Pollution moves us

A dangerous science observation Worldwide

Suspect Clings Onto Vehicle During High-Speed Police Chase
I turned away when she appeared for personal reasons and turned 90 degrees when I saw the dashboard
  1. Ben helps others with Personal Potential, knowing The System of Routine, is putting us in a fixed conversation daily