BoredWith Inheritance

Brain AI/Artificial Intelligence Government Frequencies, knowing anomaly blood is magnetic, abused physically every single day all day on my own by electromagnetic manmade radiation, to constantly let off steam since year 2021 AD, through electronic Device Hacking and Satellites through my window from Space above, while others fool around, while crime fools around, to be a hostage bait on purpose by people today to set everyone free from set up abuse to one person who keeps their Planet safe designed naturally

Neck violently physically rolling around even materials around my neck on purpose, a sexual release for others listening via technology, banging the head, struggling knowing I will struggle with public emergency and proof, tried messaging many for advice, even MRI for test subject volunteer, taking part free of charge

A no way out hostage brain assigned to illegal Govern technology for over 36 years with extreme physical violence no choice towards an innocent person most days since year 2021, 2022 on my own in my room, passing out outside, collapsing in a shop, walking in to the middle of the road, apparently all possibilities for excuse to end manmade electromagnetic manmade radiation though a fantasy law case, knowing I have been purposely blocked from compensation since year 1988AD, apparently let off steam for lawyers to say that’s enough, that’s enough evidence, this physical mental violence fails law as set up violence set up evidence for a law case, knowing I am on my own typing a set up abuse story by the guilty that fails law as Forensic Evidence proves worth since year 2021 year 2022, people Worldwide using manmade radiation and knowing my blood is magnetic to let off steam Worldwide towards Sacredness towards Earth Anomaly chosen by the Planet, without his choice

This abuse has been written and ignored as Forensic Science proves World worth anyway, a purposely ignored by people Heritage Govern since history, stating that I will naturally remove manmade radiation Worldwide to protect myself

To be continued…

To not let crime win

Knowing I shouldn’t be typing this way as the Heritage Government as purposely been hidden by people, they rely on my neglect story to dictate to all World Population to stop abuse and stop abuse towards Benjamin Houghton from the people who spread smear hate crime who are responsible in hiding the Heritage Government from the public

The public are not to blame but child abusers win by purposely we surrender we are military bases worldwide our quota for blonde girls black females is within the millions, we win in deflecting hate away from Ben from purposely physically abusing mentally abusing Benjamin Houghton for over 36 years on going with extreme manmade magnetic violence to his body daily twisting his neck persuading him on purpose to commit suicide for the purpose of spreading child abuse to all World Population by leaving Westminister Paedophile Ring an Open Concern on Purpose by law and leaving child abuse investigation by Police on their systems, breaking response time law so we win, the tax thieving tiny c/nt loving paedohiles who kidnapp and murder millions of female girls Worldwide since well before Ben’s time.

Ben’s neck is purposely unstable by child abusers to draw attention to ourselves to remove ourselves from service, until someone out there releases him by force from Quantum Machine Computers Worldwide, a questionable allure to have a zero consent yes zero consent washed up government he doesn’t want robot running legal Heritage Government others have purposely hidden away from his compensation.

Abuse towards what’s rightfully his first hand is no excuse to surrender to Benjamin Houghton after letting off steam and huff puff you have to listen and help one innocent member of the public in need. 36 years ongoing of bullying towards one innocent member of the public and a questionable amount of people ask if he needs help face to face

Head knocks YouTube videos: disabled public one King one planet

Brain science explain, black data excuse to obtain Anomaly science for…? Their pockets and manipulating the data or their systems

So yeah

BoredWith Inheritance

British Royal family, bored with their inheritance. With fraud on their cards, what was the point in the Royal Family, for others to honour fraud and accept their bitch personality Worldwide, affecting effecting millions Worldwide, such as bitch dictatorship, slave trade and a questionable bank account, wondering how people who hold a fraud criminal offence obtain such fortunes

BoredWith Inheritance

Holy see videos and list of abuse Wikipedia

Holding a murder conspiracy charge themselves as a sales technique to create a following with a questionable bank account in return

BoredWith Inheritance

“That’s enough” because it’s true UKGov.

BoredWith Inheritance

How I avoid the Government.s making money on me.

BoredWith Inheritance

Ben is suffering from the Daily Mail since 2021, not enough time according to journalists media value allure who hold a neglect towards a person criminal charge since year 1988, 36 years on going ongoing

BoredWith Inheritance

How China’s empire get bored and do unethical concentration camps with kidnapped civilians, yes that’s unethical un un un un un yes learn with me public that’s un un un un meaning not ethical against the law

Ben’s myself brain is constant radiation abuse slowing down Thought Insertion against the law since year 2021 stating illegally that abuse only makes biology come stronger wrong and they believe cell destruction makes cell walls create unwanted scar tissue that no one wants

I hear Emmmmmmmaaaaaaa constantly every day since year 2021 ad not enough apparently over million times that’s enough over a trillion times that’s plenty over a zallion times that’s way beyond our quota

A no way out abuse story innocent victim towards a Deity yep towards proper Government they are hiding from stopping from happening, moaning that it’s Hell on Earth, deflection from prison is a crime standard

Makes people sweat with sex mental masterbation

Towards whom

Ben’s brain is manmade fake until they sweat out their criminal Crime of Passion and avoid prison, a long set up story to corner in one person with the public by illegal Governments. Setting up a person is a crime standard, setting up behaviour to set someone up is a crime standard, setting up behaviour over any length of time is a crime standard

ben should be legally 5f 7 underweight without any face changes or neck brain alterations anything else is set up end of planet threat towards Benjamin Houghton left alone in public to force challenge the public with their own behaviour, purposely ignoring Governments National Press Military vindictive intention towards myself and the public, an illegal overpopulation plan to abuse someone for over 36 years to put the public first with challenge, paying their taxes and earning a salary knowing I have been forced neglected for over 36 years, leaving me with the public with an abused neglected One World Leader that should never have happened, apparently forcing them to change the Earth manually while I relax

Government paedophile criminal minds that continue to blast my brain and body neck and head with manmade radiation since year 1988 year 2021 year 2022.

Ben legally stays 5ft 7 without any muscle changes face changes and a set up no way out to theatre sex release from Governments National Press I’ll kill myself etc and make a scene on Social Media and in the public to constantly test the public, they should be testing the public NOT ANOMALY designed to keep the Planet safe as Risk Assessment common sense proves so, as they prefer all of the public as they pay taxes and lobe the wrong Government that which has been illegal for over two thousand years