Beauty Equals Pain

I need to Take Elon Musk to Court to Stop His Bipolar for the Sake of the Planet, as he as Passed Illegal Plans to turn Earth into in to a Futuristic Civilisation against my wishes, my vision.

Not out of spite, this is how it’s done.

Earth’s canvas is some kind of battle with Earth Chosen, if I fail or do not make it to take him to court by American Law, in the future I need to take everything down belonging and familiar and many other things Worldwide and calm the air calm the Planet thank you to People who can not stop since year 1988.

He states illegally that the Planet will be calm with a Futuristic Population, manipulating Natural Science devastation by humans with human man made alternatives to obtain energy. He doesn’t think about the Mental Health of his population and also how Mental Health Tests and Destructs their Planet, putting them more superior than the Planet.

To elaborate, many percentage of humans need to pass away due to superiority issues compared to the Planet they live on. They continually feed from destruct their ground resulting in man made alternatives putting to interesting to build interesting to find a solution to our problems when the root-cause analysis was is destruction to favour human life human happiness, a lack of care to the environment constantly feeding from and repairing with man made alternatives, putting ecosystem secondary and animals secondary, resulting in a panic survival mode consistently with the environment as the grounds the Planet the humans are on is abused to favour human life.

Unfortunately many are not noticing their impact on Earth. They go around and neglect destruct and have a lack of care towards the Planet, forgetting they are on Planet and a cause and effect of their actions.

Humans are guilty of feeding from to suffer pain at the last minute to find a solution to adapt to whatever is around them.

Often too late, when the environment is unrecoverable.

One of my main observations is Centre of the Universe versus Centre of the Universe, it’s all about you. You buy you buy you throw away and you are you

I see over eight billion of you.

& this is why Ben is so sort after now. As we suffer from enclosed in psychiatry, this extreme to only think of ourselves and our happiness, what happiness? The Govern is the wrong way around the UKGovernment therefore depression, you are depressed legally all of you Worldwide and how depression relates to your behaviour putting yourself first since teenager.

“I know Earth’s a Shit Tip.”

“I want Green.”

“Stop Elon.”

“We don’t want all that future crap.”

“All that Zero Civilisation Stuff Bio Ai, we know you though but you know what we mean.” manic too tech

We know you’re Around for a long time so you have to adapt. New Stuff. Always Changing.

Thank you for helping us with the past.

  1. The future of Technology is complex. But a full take over of technology with question destruction mindset.

Now the World is Massive Ben.