AfterJudgement &Observation AUniverseCommunicator is here in personThe FirstandLast time.

In my defence I’m sticking up towards bully.s for the protection of the Universe. Personal towards the bullies to intentionally cause a reaction to make them go away.


Notes towards crime using the Universe’s One of a Kind Ability.[2).

Legally technically theoretically scientifically crime observation statistics statisticslly all time low to zero as long as I, The Universe Communicator live on Earth.

To this possible Ben on his own, he has done an observation on behaviour key stereotypes; therefore theoretically it should work.

Zero crime in China without the need of CCTV observation.

Once it’s there, I can alive and well have a glass of wine with the bird.s. How one person on his own can vindictively have a worldwide mission and have a glass of wine on Earth alive and well.

On her last mission I just want to say thank you.

They think they are contributing to helping me with zero-crime rates WorldwideI have not consented to them in written form.

People naturally make mistakes not intentionally. How I help people who naturally make mistakes to realign a new way of thinking.

Does the tax payer pay for lack of transparency?

Does the tax payer pay for a battle with the Government?

This court room including Benjamin, The Universe Communicator face to face would have been away from public transparency.

Gov ai in the news why. Brains are tired why depending doom of guilt. Imagine a gov not ran on ai and just freedom energy.

Who is threat to establishment’s safety, including the White House? The Royal Family’s branch-off The Firm Lord whoever, wherever don’t care and how The Royal Family’s branch off have an unusual ownership of the UK, from a human-trafficking campaign.

“Business is booming for human traffickers because they know they’ll get away with it”

“Human traffickers ‘using UK universities as cover’”


Universities are used as stability of worth to a thought-valued sector to transfer movement they called Human Trafficking under “Policy”. A paid supply and demand movement, in need of labour, transport, expenses, with Murder crime masked by the public term Human Trafficking, covered by Universities share value of why we need cheap labour, but this movement is abused by what we commonly call, Murderers.

Duty & Service! Meet Queen Elizabeth ll’s Lesser Known Working Royals!

Secrets Of The Royals – The Top Job – British Royal Documentary

Secrets of the Royals? They are Through and Through, a paedophile term

All The Universe Communicator in person on Earth does at the moment is get away from emotional blackmail from the UKGov.

The Gov.s belief their sexual fantasy rules the World and the Future, including how they look. Pressured to comply with but decline.d.

The Universe Communicator: If you force happiness too quickly it doesn’t last. A longevity experiment for longevity proven happiness. How to change a brain aka an organ aka the mind to be biologically happy.

The Universe Communicator: Time to put on a fur coat and see what Ben is doing.

How the dailymail MailOnline celebrity column brings in makeup and grooming and invincibility to potentially conquer depression overall.

Putting a victim in a very difficult situation duty of care, one stress to another.

Are regional jobs becoming too easy. Yes. Biology getting bored things happen.

What tone is your self value of opinion always against the Universe?

They started it. And they will stop apparently when I am deceased before them so crime neglect Stalkers win from 0 AD. Yep. Deal. Same story. Value of a life, save one save many.

Who’s been waiting since 0 AD alive and well.

Dailymail MailOnline wanted The Universe Communicator to do the law for them here for them to go away. Made to do easy law for all lawyers Worldwide, hence why I don’t do law, I make my money another way.

Did you know Mi5 etc are not allowed to make mistakes. All that human behaviour ground work, in a suit, English business, work jokes, sex… within a nanosecond after making a mistake they are singled out and probably burnt alive, to protect what they have as trust immediately gone and easy vulnerable and food for the rest. Compared to another work place mistakes in a work place dealt with ethically, as per but in the Mi-Network in London they are paid too much.

They are hungry for vulnerable opportunities.

If they see a vulnerable person it’s like an animal.

If they see a vulnerable person it’s like an animal in terms of if an employee made a mistake risking the coup safety, they quickly want to remove the vulnerable person.

You are judged on hiding mistakes well. Lol.

If an employee made a mistake, a threat to their coup. They can’t settle.

Question the UKGov survival techniques.

Fear of Corruption.

She’s on £20million a year what’s she talking about still.

She’s on £20million a year what’s she talking about still. “Jen can you put your hands in the air please.” Didn’t hear a word and carries on talking law literature understanding doesn’t mean a thing. She’s talking absolute crap on £20millionpa.

Just a conversation about a feeling on something. £20millionpa. That’s it. All of them do this. They talk about a feeling on something.

Apparently the departments do everything and they get paid Gov spread inheritance for bank usual uplift for inheritance bone/bind for the Government.s; therefore if you’re lucky with inheritance you get to talk feeling rest of your life, human trafficking, paedophilia, world access… what a life.

And they wanted me dead.

They wanted me dead and the future of EarthAgainst Earth’s wishes.

If you’re lucky with Inheritance in the UKGov it’s the easiest job in the world and theyare a threat to HumanNature.

How they deal with errors and once you have made a mistake in the UKGov. Is this like Dailymail influence over the years.

Feels protected. Feels anal. Feels strict and serious. Article this Article that.

Inheritance, a bird that never grounds.

Why? The fact that you’re used.