AfterJudgement &Observation AUniverseCommunicator is here in personThe FirstandLast time.

In my defence I’m sticking up towards bully.s for the protection of the Universe. Personal towards the bullies to intentionally cause a reaction to make them go away.


Notes towards crime using the Universe’s One of a Kind Ability.

In government zero passport buildings too many people died having sex since 1988. A bizarre upper hand and their excuse is boring after. But their behaviour is legally secondary since 1988. Let them rest.

“We are not very happy Ben so we will move on.”

From psychiatric analysis of report from Ben do people in the UK have hope for the future. Are you speaking on behalf of everyone worldwide. Is it Ben’s fault without saying anything vindictive about supernature/supernatural. They are proud they want to end an actual Planet… what is it without saying anubis devil variations imbalance of the universe. The science they complete action result in a lot of risk to earth and the universe. Ben here is our only universe communicator said before first time ever and never again.

We will keep going with criminal man-made brain science for one King one planet without his consent until someone helps you, by investigating the Governments and Secret Government.s. manmade frequencies. That’s your new team. Do you not want to see what they Universe has to say not some brain ai? No we want to go. Who? Governments Ben! Doctors…

Who guilty of extreme bitch behind my back since the year 1988. Why, said the Universe.

So pissed off the Universe is winning.

Gay closeted sex in the where keep it going. Freedom goes to their head. What freedom. That slow in and out is universe physics for me. Freedom against the Universe sex.

No hope got any of us. Why?

Upper hand against the Universe biology zero respect to evidence and effort say they have stopped the abuse and potentially hold me accountable as I need to fight my human rights case to make sure doesn’t happen again, to protect our planet.

How many people have died suicide depression because they have a nag towards someone in low class? The white House mi6 mi5…

Is it ben affecting effecting people or their manager.

Is it ben affecting effecting people or their manager: Notices manager.s. in team with a person nag and how they take it towards their team: They turn into Lisa stereotype with their hand partically closed around their mouth, sat at the desk and they “get away from me” verbally shout “get away from me” when approached.

Potential not letting the past go: If adults perform a lack of effort towards ben they are dragged down one way mentally.

Our only Universe Communicator job is hard, also potentially potential people observing, in physics and my evolution the UK is selected in terms of education and access, hence why many move/want to move here.

Supernatural one king one planet. Intention to change all his way.

The Police on the streets seem to come across to Powerful.

Comparison to compete with one king on planet on bio man made updates from within Science Labs.

Containing the Universe Communicator in a weaker position on purpose.

The Universe Communicator alive and well gyms improve and diets food in general. They will be easily secondary.

People wanted as much upper hand and then watch something greater, the Universe they used to call Heaven. Sounds like… evil or a disconnect….

Bipolar shift: 2000 years of Bipolar: a missed opportunity.

People have sex against me for 35 years+.

Apparently Crimestoppers have stolen all my work.

People don’t want The Universe Communicator winning a One in a Lifetime Human Right’s Case that much they want everything to close down and them to go.

Always blaming me or someone else except themselves 30th January 2013.

Same crime treated differently.

I have been The Universe Communicator since 2021/2 the year 2021/2 and the Universe has known since 0 AD due to a suppressed on purpose Order of Succession Royal Assent Evolution Line.

I, The Universe Communicator alive and well do win A Once in a Lifetime compared to another Human Rights case alive and well, not the way you think.

Do not let bullies win upper-hand behaviour, better, greater, different when bullies from 1988 has rested for good. Never inspired by their behaviour.

Did you know I, alive and well gain the same money but I don’t win.

Did you know I gain the same money but I don’t win.

To make Earth a safer place.

“The Police are becoming too Powerful.” Predictions/technically The Universe Communicator, the first and last time ever is here in the UK, World; therefore Crime levels will be at a record low: legal term.

Crimestoppers are sh*t yeah