A Varied Tone of Voice

Please note tone of voice is confusing when Ben is battling Military kept, military technology abuse to his brain, under experimentation to control another unlawfully thoughts, type actions behaviour, knowing I can’t defend for myself, leading this experimentation unlawfully through neglect, time for others to live their lives and tidy up after, then a criminal plan to surround Ben with people and materials after, that fails law. Consistently the people first and not Ben since year 1988 with Stolen Government DNA belonging to myself, kept without my knowledge since year 1988. Ben’s torment is too cruel since year 1988, consistent, people feeling nag towards someone who can’t defend for himself. Ben carries on avoids been set up for jail while others live their lives and tidy up Earth against his wishes. Ben, myself carries on carefully when he shouldn’t need to and been unlawfully set up by the Government through Military kept brain science to become unlawfully disabled by them not my choice, saying it’s their potential to disable, when they are apparent criminals to this law case behind military technology control. Question the cruelty towards one person and why.